For today’s product spotlight I wanted to focus on Aussie Bronze. This is another blend that has generated many positive comments on Facebook and Instagram, and a lot of fantastic real client tan line images. (check them out when you have a moment)Heart Australia


This product is a moisturizing blend on the thick side.

Because of the thickness, the product is a bit slower absorbing on the skin, which makes it a forgiving product, as it melds more slowly into the skin. This can lessen streaking issues, and produce a smooth velvety finish and soft skin feel.

If you notice stickiness, please do not over apply. And dust client with some bronzer tinted body powder post tan as needed to offset any discomfort.

Because of its thickness, you may need to adjust the flow at your spraygun to allow this to spray on evenly and smoothly.

The bronzer is a very dark brown tone, that’s on the warmer side of the spectrum.  The bronzer does add some skin staining effect, along with the DHA component, which can add extra “oomph” and depth to the tan color. Developed color tends to have an extra richness and full-bodied tone.

This could cause excess staining on skin tags, moles or imperfect areas. A light premoisterization spray (Moistaire Hydration for example) or covering difficult areas with a dot of barrier cream, or removing color off discolored areas, post tan, with a cotton swap dipped in alcohol or facial toner can help this concern

The solution itself has a fruity lemony scent that dissipates quickly.

The blend has anti-oxidant rich fruits and also adds in some specialty plant extracts that are distinctive to Austrailia. Centipeda Cunninghamii is added for its skin healing and soothing properties, as well as its ability to help skin repair its barrier surface. This helps skin heal itself, and better retain moisture in day to day life.

Hyaluronic Acid is added, which gives an immediate skin plumping effect. This can help plump up dimpling from cellulite, fine lines etc. Which gives skin a younger appearance temporarily, and also adds a moisturizing benefit to the solution.

This is a DHA only blend, containing no Erythrulose skin colorants. Some clients do better with DHA only blends.

This is an excellent choice for dry skinned clients, and those who want some color “pop” when they tan.

This product can be purchased in an 8oz size, for a trial run. Clients below were all sprayed with Aussie, matching the DHA to their untanned skintype.

aussie group b-a


Thanks and have a great day.