Today’s Client Question:

I really love the Tampa Bay Tan Rapid Tan, but I want a mousse product. Can I pour it in the Tampa Bay tan Mousse bottle, and get Rapid Tan Mousse?


No, just adding a solution to the mousse bottle will not create a stiff spreadable mousse product. Some products will foam, but in most cases it is a wet and very runny drippy foam. So would be very difficult to apply as a mousse.To create the Mousse effect, special ingredients are added to the mousse to increase the foaming action, paired with the mechanical action of the Foam pump dispenser.

Spray tan solution only, would not have the extra ingredient additive.

However you can mix the Tampa Bay Tan solutions with the Mousse liquid in the foam bottle, and this will create a Mousse Sunless Product, using your solution choice. The mix ratio will vary with your solution product, so you may need to experiment a bit to find the best range. And you will be decreasing the amount of foaming additive in the product, so the foam will not be as stiff.

But with some experimentation, once can often find a happy medium, that still allows you to spread the product as a foam, with a bit of care.

I have mixed 2 ounces of Mousse with 4 ounces of solution in the Mousse bottle, and this did create a wet but spreadable foam.  A 50/50 mix also works well.

Do keep in mind though, if using a product like Rapid Tan, you may need to increase your shower off time to obtain the same color range. Because you are now diluting the ingredients in the Rapid tan that allow you to shower this product off sooner. It would depend on amounts used, skin type, how long the product was left on the skin and so forth. So start with a shorter recommended time frame for your skintype, and slowly work up an hour each time, if you need more color depth.