Can I mix the spray tan solution with lotion, and apply this way?


Yes, you can.  But it will be runny, as the spray tan solution is very liquidy, and results may not be even.

Based on the lotion type and ingredients, some ingredients can cause tanning solution product to absorb unevenly. Its best to use a lightweight simple lotion such as a Baby Lotion for example. And mix in less liquid, as opposed to more. We cannot guarantee your results, but some clients find this works well for them.

You will need to experiment to see what works best for you regarding lotion types, and ratios.  The Tampa Bay Tan Tan Therape Lotion is a DHA Containing lotion, that provides a light gradual darkening tanning effect. Its great to build a tan over a few days, or help maintain an already applied sunless spray tan.

We also sell a Sunless Mousse and an Aerosol Can Spray.

Spray Tan Solution can also be hand applied with a mitt or pad. See this link for instructions:



Photo Credit goes to:
Bailey Heedick