countouringA specialized skin finishing technique people often ask questions about is Contouring with self-tanner.

Yes you can do it, though it can be a bit challenging. It will take practice and patience, but results can be very attractive when done correctly.

Some expert technicians charge as much as $200 plus a session for a full body spray tan with contouring.

YouTube provides a number of helpful videos, with a range of techniques. Be sure to browse around to see what you can find.

Below are also a few that can help you get started.


First a disclaimer, to cover our butts.  ‘Cause you know, we have to do that now a days……  :)

We do not personally endorse or recommend any method or technique, and of course we personally feel you can do these same techniques with any brand of products.  Just find a product you love, and start practicing on yourself, a friend, a family member etc.

You will need a dark solution for the shading, for medium skin types go with Tampa Bay Tan Rapid, or any of our solutions in the Ultra Dark ranges.

For those who prefer an Aerosol or Mousse product, we have the TouCan Self Tanning Tan Aerosol and our Self Tanning Mousse. (both found on our Retail Products page under our website SHOP link)

A few tips from my personal experience.

Generally speaking, lips and nipples do not normally darken from self-tanner application, or if so, only slightly. Though products with a very dark bronzer can tint skin more from the dark bronzer staining the skin. So this application use may not produce much color change.

I personally am not a fan of drawing 6 pack abs on a person, unless they are already there, and you want to accentuate them. So do this at your own risk, Britney Spears was called out on Social Media a few years back over a spray tan application applied in this manner.

The countering effect should accentuate the natural features already present – rather the completely “redrawing” what is not there. Otherwise it can look fake. Which really defeats the purpose of the application.

The face fast normally, so any facial contouring will at best, usually only last a couple days.

As legs are shaven, they will fade faster. So contouring on legs and shins, can be “shaven off” as tanned dead skin cells are removed.

Makeups brushes, cosmetic applicator sponges, and or wedges will all prove helpful with these type of services. Blending is key to giving a natural “un-painted on” look.

Please only use one applicator per each customer, sterilizing between each use.

Some links to stimulate your creativity:

  • Countering the face:

  • Video by Beauty Geeks-face

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  • Contouring the body

  • Contouring the body, another technique


Here is a quick downloadable cheat sheet for some of the more basic contour options.Click HERE

This is from the website:


This is something fun to practice in the winter months, when much of your skin is covered with clothing, so any contouring fails are easily hidden.

Have a great Fall – Vicki