The level of moisture in the air impacts your enviroment,  your skin, and your sunless tan. Higher humidity can increase skin sweating and oil production. This can alter how the sunless tan sticks to, and absorbs into the skin. The tan coating may take longer to dry, and may develop lighter in color depth, then normal. The skin will often look plumper and more lush, due to the increased moisture levels in the air.

In humid locations a Skin Prep product such as CYA can be very beneficial in removing sweat from the skin surface, allowing the sunless solution to penetrate evenly.

When spraying the client, use a quicker drying solution product as opposed to higher moisturizing solution blends. This can lessen the sticky skin feel that is common in humid environments. (Tampa Bay Tans TanEnvy, TanFastic, Rapid Tan and Veneto are Quick dry solutions)

Only apply the correct solution amounts – two coats of one ounce each will 0ften absorb faster then one thick coat of two ounces. Applying to much solution, or to heavy a coat, will increase the sticky feel on the skin.

After spraying the client, blow dry the skin surface and dust with powder for added comfort and drying. Client may also apply powder at home as needed. See tips HERE on how to use a Dusting Powder coating on clients after spray tanning.

Use fans, air conditioning, and (if needed) a small room size air conditioner unit directly in the spray room to keep temperatures cool and comfortable for technicians and clients.

Based on your location and enviroment, use a dehumidifier (if needed) in the spray area. An air conditioner will help remove some humidity in a home or room, but depending on size, location, and humidity levels – it is often not enough alone,  to lessen humidity levels correctly for proper spray tan application. It will cool the air but may not remove all excess water.  If client is sweating, solution is staying sticky longer then normal, or rooms feel over hot or muggy – a humidifier in the spray room may help.  Keep in mind, after client leaves your location, they will be stepping back outside, into the humid enviroment. They will then start to sweat, and feel sticky again.

In humid locations, due to increased skin sweating, especially notice in body fold areas (elbow and knee bends, between breasts or other areas were skin rubs together) you may notice the tan fades faster, as it rubs or peels off more heavily in these areas. To help maintain the tan, client may exfoliate these areas, especially the “line” margins between light and dark skin – softening the margin transition. They may then reapply a sunless product of their choice to these areas in multiple coats to rebuild color depth.  Advise client to exfoliate well, especially in body fold/bend areas pretan, to lessen skin exfoliation in these areas as their tan wears.

Tampa Bay Tan sells a Take Home, Sunless Mousse and Aerosol Sunless Tanner that can be used for these purpose.  You may also sell your client a small bottle of the solution used on their skin, which they can apply to lighter areas with a cosmetic sponge, make up brush or applicator pad.