Acai  BerrysAcai Berrys (Euterpe Oleracea) are harvested from the Acai Tree, a type of palm native to the Amazon rainforest. The fruits are used in traditional healing, and are an important part of the traditional Amazonian diet.

The berries promote healthy, younger looking skin, lower cholesterol, boost energy, enhance immune system function, may aide as a weight loss product and anti-aging ingredient. The small purple berry is classified as a “Super Fruit” because it has so many beneficial compounds which benefit the body both inside and out. Packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids this “Beauty Berry” has a number of unique plant chemical components found only in this purple grape like fruit.

Acai extract when applied topically to the skin has an extremely high antioxidant level, higher than the more widely recognized blueberry or pomegranate. It is effective in treating many skin conditions, and can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, skin irritation, and inflammation, and help prevent free radicial damage to the skins supporting structures of elastin and collagen; the breakdown of such is a direct cause of skin dropping and sagging.