Antioxidants are substances or nutrients which can prevent or slow oxidative damage to our body. They are found in many foods and botanical extracts. When our cells use oxygen in normal function, as a byproduct, they produce unstable molecules called “free radicals”. Free radicals also occur from pollution exposure, UV damage, stress, smoking, disease, and environmental sources.

However free radicals, especially in excess, can cause skin damage, premature skin aging, and tissue degradation, which can cause even young skin to looked tired, aged and worn.

Anti-oxidants can prevent and repair damage done by free radical exposure. They are a critical natural defense against “free radicals”.

Scientific data indicates a mixture of highly potent antioxidants profit the skin more fully then one “Superstar” antioxidant.

Tampa Bay Tan uses a broad range of natural antioxidants packed into all of our products to help improve the health of your skin, and help you be the best you can be.