Loving the color of Veneto’s final tan – but the cool violet grey bronzer leaving you less then pleased?

Heres a nifty Spray Tan Hack for the Veneto solution from Wendy D, one of our regular customers.

She, as do many of her clients, like the final rich cool color of the Veneto sunless tan. It is a violet based sunless tan solution, whose Violet/Brown toned bronzer is used to help counter yellow or golden tones which some clients may develop.

And its works very well for this purpose.

For those who may not be familiar with this product, Veneto has a dark, inky Blue/Grey/Green/Purple temporary bronzer, that washes away in the first shower, leaving a cool toned sunless tan behind. The odd colored bronzer is key to providing the yellow cancelling tones of this sunless solution.

Though the final color on the clients skin may look odd, it is necessary to provide the final color effect, that makes this product unique. The resulting tan is a lovely cool brown, that can provide a very unique look, compared to most “regular” brown bronzer products.

Heres an example of the differences between the pre shower and post shower colors of Veneto, for reference..


Some clients don’t like the pre shower look, as on some skintypes, it can look very scary in color, and not something they want to go out in pubic with.

Wendy sprays her clients with the Veneto first, applying a good solid coat with the Veneto straight, (one layer) and then applying a lighter final “top coat” of another sunless product, to warm up the final bronzer colorant on the skin. (in below examples its Aussie bronze)

When the client showers, they still receive some of the color cancelling benefits of the Veneto, and they feel more comfortable during the pretan AND posttan phase. They still find that the final tan is on the cool toned spectrum

I cannot guarantee this will work exactly the same with every client, as the porosity of the clients skin (how fast their skin absorbs product, and how much), as well as the thickness of each product, and each layer can alter the outcome.

But Its certainly worth a try for those who love the final Veneto color, but wish the bronzer was a bit “prettier” on the skin.

Best Tips to make this work for you:

I would recommend the first coat of Veneto is applied well and evenly, with good full coverage.  As this is the product that’s going to cancel out the yellow tones. The second coat of your warmer brown product, could be a bit lighter, based your experience and desired result of the bronzer appearance on the skin.

I would recommend a slower absorbing or thicker product (such as Aussie bronze) for the second coat, to give Veneto a chance to absorb more fully into the skin, before the second layer absorbs in.

The pictures below are provided, so you can better see Wendys results. A shout out to Wendy and a big thank you for being kind enough to share her thoughts and images with us – Good Job Girl!


Some clients ask if they can mix Veneto with another solution or bronzer drops, (in the cup) to warm up the bronzer/colorguide look on the skin preshower.

I have not tried this, but I think doing so would actually cancel out some of the Veneto’s cool tone coloration – defeating the purpose of using Veneto. A layering approach would better preserve some, if not all of the Venetos Cool Tonality, countering yellow tones in the final tan.

You can normally layer any solution to tweak the final tan colors, but always layer thin to thick for best absorbancy. In other words, apply your thinnest solution first, the thickest last, to allow the skin to best absorb your products evenly.