You should not warm DHA containing spray tan solution by placing it in warm or hot water or by microwaving it. Adding heat of any type can degrade the solution, and lessen the products ability to tan the skin.

Sometimes it works without damage, but I have also spoken to clients that find the solution no longer tanned the skin after doing this.

DHA, the self tanning ingredients in spray tan solution is known to be very heat sensitive.

You can place a small amount of solution onto a counter (the amount you will use for the day) a few hours before spraying to allow it to drop to room temperature.

The spray equipment blows air to disperse the solution. High speed air blowing onto the wet skin, causes evaporation, which causes a cooling effect. There is little you can do to prevent that.

We recommend you run your equipment for 5 minutes or so, before use, to allow it to warm up, which can make the air blowing out of the unit feel warmer.

We also recommend a small portable heater in the immediate spray area, and a tent to lessen drafts. Warm the immediate spray area up very warm, but do not cause the client to sweat.

Please move all heating equipment out of the immediate spray vicinity when spraying for safety reasons. (so client does not bump into the heater and burn themselves)

After spray tan completion, Give the client a hand held blow dryer on warm setting, to blow dry skin after application. Or use a space heater that blows warm air into the room.

What about Heated Spray Tan Systems?

We found that they were not very effective. Please see this article for the specifics when we tested some current popular items of this type.

Photo credit by:
Henry Be