Here have a chocolate candy bar and a Coke….


This is no joke, I actually know about a Sunless Tanning Technician that would tell her clients to eat a candy bar and drink a full sugar Coke just before they were sprayed to prevent an orange tan.

Her reasoning was they needed more sugar in their skin chemistry, because DHA is a sugar, and needs sugar in the skin to work correctly.

Of course this is ridiculous, and anything you eat will take hours to days or weeks to disperse into your upper skin layers.  The food item needs to be fully digested, then broken down into its chemical components.  It then needs to disperse through all living body tissue, and absorbed and incorporated into the body systems, to be used.

Depending on where it is needed (is it the protective acid mantel layer on the skin surface or is it used in the dead cell layer, that makes up the Epidermis)

There is absolutely no valid data anywhere that would support the claim that any food, or lack of would cause of prevent orange tans.

Not to say your individual skin chemistry may not be a factor in some cases. But we certainly have no clear cut answers suggesting that at this time.

It is true that some hormones and medications can alter tan development and tone. But adjusting the DHA level of the solution used, will often fix the issue.



Next we will address things that CAN cause orange, and how to tweak the results, and companies with a NO ORANGE GUARANTEE  (click below)