TanFastic Spray Tan Solution (Long Wearing Blend)

TanFastic Spray Tan Solution (Long Wearing Blend)

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What it is:
A thin formula, Medium-Dark bronzer style, Quick Dry long wearing self-tanning solution for a slower fading neutral brown tan. Well suited to a range of client types, works well in humid locations. Similar to Tan Envy with a lighter bronzer,  longer were/slow fade attributes, and a nut free formulation.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
NO Parabens
NO Sulfates
NO Gluten
NO Soy
NO Nuts
NO Oils

What else you need to know:
This product is paraben, sulfate, nut, oil, soy and gluten free, vegan friendly, PETA approved cruelty free, and dermatologist tested. Organic and natural skin safe ingredients blended into every bottle.

All product is freshly blended, and shipped fresh to you. See product photos for Label Image with full ingredient information. Scroll down to page below for full description.

State of Florida Labeling Requirement: All items are shipped with Branded Product label only. Sorry, no exceptions.

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TanFastic Spray Tan Solution

State of Florida Labeling Requirement: All items are shipped with Branded Product label only. Sorry, no exceptions.

8 oz will receive 1 – 8 oz bottle, 32 oz will receive 1 – 32 oz bottle

64 oz will receive  2 -32 oz bottles, 1 gallon will receive 4-32 oz bottles

A quick dry DHA and Erythrulose blended product. The addition of Erythrulose can produce longer wear and slower tan fading.

100% oil and Nut free blend for those who are avoiding all oils and/or nuts in diet or personal products

Available in 8.5%, 10.5% and 12.5% DHA Levels

Bronze tint, only,  Light Lemongrass Fragrance

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Medium level bronzer, longer wearing, fast drying, fast absorbing blend. Very versatile, works well on many skin types. Good option for clients who like many layers of product, or “Double Dipping” Easy to layer product, a good all around “universal” product.


TanFastic Spray Tan Solution is a superior tanning product developed using the latest technology designed to promote an initial rich color and a subsequent highly natural looking sunless tan.

TanFastic Spray Tan Solution contains a blend of Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose in an optimized ratio to maximize the synergistic activity of DHA and Erythrulose. The active materials are incorporated into a base designed to provide a good dry time with reduced drying of the skin.

TanFastic Spray Tanning Solution includes Aloe Vera Gel together with moisturizing ingredients to assist in preventing skin dry out and subsequent loss of tan due to dry loose skin after treatment. Also included is White/Green Tea Complex, a highly effective Anti-Oxidant.

TanFastic Spray Tanning Solution is formulated with the finest ingredients available to give you a TanFastic Sunless Tan and make your skin feel good.

Key ingredients in this blend:

  • Aloe Barbadensis (soothes, moisture, healing)
  • Dihydroxyacetone DHA ( sunless tanning skin colorant)
  • Erythrulose (sunless tanning skin colorant)
  • Glycerin (Plant Derived) Kosher 99.7%(skin replenishing)
  • Acai Berry (Super fruit, anti-oxidants rich)
  • Goji Berry (Super fruit, anti-oxidants rich)
  • Green and White Tea(antioxidant rich, healing, helps mitigate UV damage)
  • Banana Fruit (healing, soothing, hydration)
  • Natural and Organic ingredients in every bottle
  • Paraben, soy, and Gluten free, vegan
  • Formulated and Manufactured by Tampa Bay Tan, blended and shipped fresh
  • 100% oil free, nut free blend
  • Expanded product information shown on label image above


Store in very cool, dark location and use within 90 days. Warmth or heat can damage product. For longer term storage refrigeration is required. Solution products are not eligible for return or refund, shipping damaged item replacement only.



Apply with professional spray tanning equipment or car pad. Recommended 2 ounces per application, to clean, dry product free, exfoliated skin. Allow to develop 8-12 hours before showering. Color will darken for up to 12-24 hours.

Over application, or using to high a DHA % for skin type can cause off color or poor fading.

Store in very cool, dark location and use within 90 days. For longer term storage refrigeration is required.





Selecting to dark a depth range for your skintype can produce poor, rapid, or uneven coloration or fading, or orangy or brassy tones. Please review recommended range guide HERE, or contact us for assistance.

A brief guide to each product can be downloaded from links below, or click on the information/descriptive page for each product.

Printable Comparison sheet of each blend can be downloaded HERE (image) (.Pdf ) HERE (see image in photos above to view)

 This blog post “Whats the best Spray Tan Solution for my Needs” lists reasons why you may choose one blend over another based on your situation.

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All Tampa Bay Tan products use carefully selected, naturally sourced ingredients in our products, which may have undergone limited processing. Variations in product bronzer color, clarity, etc. can be expected from lot to lot due to our use of naturally occurring ingredients.

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