This is a repost of a great article from Clara Pettitt of The site is no longer live under her owner ship, so the article is no longer available publicly – but the material is an excellent read for any Professional Tanning Technician.


What The Spray Tanning Customer Wants:

By Clara Pettitt
If you are thinking of Sunless Spray tanning as a way to make some extra money, you must consider what the spray tanning customer wants. Repeat business will be crucial to you. Happy customers will give referrals. I’m going to write this in the first person. Think of me as the average Spray Tanning Customer.

1. Make sure I am ready. Ask me if I have ever used sunless tanners and if I ever had an allergic reaction.
Makeup should be off, skin clean with no heavy lotions, visited the restroom. Find out if I have deodorant on. Give me some Wet Ones or baby wipes to take off makeup and deodorant if needed. Tell me how long it will take and how long it will be before I can get dressed and leave. Make sure I have appropriate clothing to put on afterwards — loose and dark.

2. A pleasant environment. It will require cleanliness, good ventilation, privacy and some music.

3. Comfort and Convenience. The room should be warm enough that being half undressed isn’t an ordeal. Give me a stool to sit on when I am dressing or undressing, and give me a place to hang up my clothes, stow my shoes and purse, out of the way of the spray. A counter or shelf to place glasses, jewelry, contact lens case. Give me a disposable paper thong or shorts to wear during the application so I don’t have to deal with stained underwear or bathing suits. Something to cover my hair and pull it back would be great.
Crucial: put a full length mirror in the room so I can see what is happening! Give me a robe or smock to put on afterwards while I dry (or at least tell me to bring my own!).

4. Put me at ease. Tell me my hair is great, or that my skin is great or my outfit is cute. Don’t flirt with your customers, even outside the shop. I’m going to have to take most of my clothes off in front of you, and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable around you.

5. Your full attention. Don’t leave me standing there half dressed while you go to answer the phone, or text!

6. A great tan. Please don’t give me a quick five minute going over and toss me out the door.  I want you to scrutinize me at the end to make sure my sunless tan is even and that you haven’t missed any spots. Ask me if everything looks okay, or if something needs to be changed.

7. Communication. When you are spraying my face, let’s work out a signal that tells you to stop, such as an upraised hand. After all, I’m holding my breath! Let me know “when” you will spray my face. A count is great, starting the spray on three, so I know when to hold my breath.

8. Consideration. If I’m elderly or have trouble with feet or legs, spray my legs first and then let me sit down on a stool while you spray my torso, arms, and face.

9. Don’t rush me. Let me sit around for fifteen minutes or longer in a comfortable waiting area in my robe or smock. That way my tan will be fully dry when I get dressed and I won’t get any streaks.

10. Privacy, privacy, privacy. If you cannot manage a completely separate room, use curtains or drapes to close off the area. Don’t force me to stroll from one part of the salon to another in my half dressed state! Don’t let other employees pop into the room!

11. Make it a soothing experience. Don’t tell me about your kids getting expelled from school, the high bills you have to pay, and the stresses of the business. If I seem chatty, ask me if I’m getting a tan to go on vacation or attend a wedding, or when I first heard of sunless spray tanning. And NEVER tell me about a customer you have that is unpleasant to work with, or I’ll start thinking you say stuff about me! Many salons fail in this area. I once had a woman answer a cell phone and start screaming at her kids during a treatment. I never went back.

12. Tell me how to take care of my new tan; no exercise, swimming or bathing for three hours (but eight is better), apply lotion after I bathe.  A printed “Client Care” sheet is great, in case I forget everything you said. Give me the chance to ask any questions I have, don’t make me feel silly for asking.


Free Client Care sheets available at this Link HERE