Dan asks this from email:

Why is my spray tanning product green?

If your product is green when you open the bottle:

If the tanning solution itself is green, this is from an old or stale product, or one that has been exposed to heat or air.

All Tampa Bay Tan products are blended and shipped fresh. So no old product is ever stored on the shelf, or shipped out.

Items can be heat damaged in shipping, which can cause a product to look green as soon as you have received it.  If you receive a green product from Tampa Bay Tan, notify use within 14 days of receiving your order, and we will be glad to replace it. We must know within 14 days, to allow us to file a damage claim.

Please make sure all product is brought inside immediately (not left in hot mailbox or hot porch). And please open and check right away, to confirm item is undamaged, before you store it. (we do recommend immediate refrigeration for best results).  Product expiration countdown starts from when you order a product – not when you open it. So opening it upon reception, will not effect stability, assuming you store properly in a cool location, as per label directions.

Green color  change in a product is not because of mold or other contamination. It is a damaged product. The green coloration is related to a breakdown in the visible product colorants, or the bronzer colors.

This product “may” still produce some DHA tan, though it will often be lighter than normal, or fade faster.  Depending on degree of damage, no tan color may result.  When a product is green in the bottle it is best to dispose of this product as it will not perform correctly.

Please note, that the Veneto product is an odd color. Its a Cool Blueish/violet/grey/green/ cool brown tone. Depending on your skin type this can look very “odd” on the skin. Even greenish. This is normal for this product. See thee image below.

Refrigeration of all tanning produces, complete consumption within 90 days, and preventing exposure to heat, temperature fluctuations and UV exposure will extent product stability, and provide optimal tanning product performance

If product is only Green after hitting the skin, please see this link.

For green color specific to Armpits – see this post.