client care form

The following documents are provided to you free, to use in your spray tanning business for your Technician and client use.

Please do not resell these, as they are provided to you as a FREE courtesy from Tampa Bay Tan.

You may download them, and the word versions can be edited with your company information, logo, or tip adjustments.

I have taken standard “General Knowledge” forms found online, and adjusted them, to provide additional needed information.

These are not available, nor authorized, to be sold, reproduced for resale, or paid distribution on any website, or other media format.  If placed on your website or other media,  correct link back , and visible credit to Tampa Bay Tan must be provided.

These are a freely provided item only.



Spray Tan Care Handout: (click Blue links)

PDF version, opens with Adobe Reader (cannot be edited) (.pdf)

Client hand out with information on how to prepare for the tan session, and care for their tan.

Care and Feeding of your Spray Tan

Word Doc, can be edited (.docx)

Care and Feeding of your Spray Tan

New Client Waiver, with DHA FDA standard “general use” recommendations info. (click blue links)

This is a standard release advising clients of the USA FDA recommendations that proper ventilation be provided, eye, lip and genital protection be used, and pregnant and breast feeding clients need a Medical caregiver release. Required by some Insurance carriers, or in certain states.

This is really more for Booth use, and should be posted on walls, for client viewing.

But the general information is required by some locations for Spray Tanning applications, or any DHA application, even though ventilation is normally less problematic. Just a good “cover your assets” form, that is a nice protection to have on hand for every client, no matter what location you are in.

The PDF is below (cannot be edited) opens with Adobe Reader

Spray Tanning Release Form for client

The word (.docx) version, can be edited

Spray Tanning Release Form for client

New Client Check List, Release from damages: (click blue links)

A check list found on the internet in the past. I am sorry I do not know the source to credit them.

This is an image, so quality is poor, but you are welcome to print and use this, or create your own from this basic information. Cannot be edited.




Legal Disclaimer:

These are provided free at no charge, for your education, to assist you. No one should copy these or charge you for their use.

These documents are not a guarantee that they will work for every situation or need, nor do we guarantee these will meet all needed legal requirements for your state, county, location or Insurance recommendations.

Tampa Bay Tan, and Vicki Mayhew, do not provide any guarantees, spoken, written, nor implied, nor do we assume any liability in relation to these forms, their use or misuse.

Please speak with your legal representative, and or insurance carrier, or your business owner before deciding if this will cover your specific situation. Any liability would be your own.