When spraying clients with Facial or Body hair it can be difficult to cover all areas evenly.


Solution that beads on body hair can, in some cases, be blow away. Use the air only option on your spray gun, A handheld blow dryer, or the air from you air hose. This will remove the “beads” of solution. For small areas, you can also lightly brush beads of solution from hair ends with a soft cosmetic sponge.

Tanning the skin under the hair:

Depending on the body hair thickness, the spray solution may not penetrate to the skin surface.

Using a soft cosmetic sponge or pad, a foam paint brush, or large fluffy cosmetic brush, you can paint or “pat” solution down onto the skin surface. Just dip a water dampened sponge (dampen and wring out to minimize solution absorption into your sponge) or brush, into your solution product and paint the skin with color.

The hair may mat down a bit, so you will need to smear/blend product into place.  You may choose to optionally air dry and fluff the hair afterward, as needed. The hair will not completely “fluff” as it is covered in solution product. But lifting from the skin surface can help the final tan appear smoother, and less streaked.

The solution bronzer finish will not look completely even when finished, but if the skin is covered with solution, without distinct pale and dark patches, the spray tan coloration will normally even out.

Once the client showers off the bronzer, the tan should even out more.

Light Facial Hair:

For light colored facial or body hair, the hair may become discolored from spray tanning solution. You will not be able to prevent this if you are painting or spraying product onto lighter hair.

Client will ether need to shave these area, or avoid tanning these areas.

For pale facial hair, you may cover beard and mustache hair with a thick hair conditioner lotion or cream product. Apply liberally. This will protect the hair from solution discoloration, and client can easily rinse the hair care product away upon showering.

You can then proceed to paint solution onto the face blending carefully into facial hair margins. Use a cosmetic sponge, or brush to do this.