Skin Type III (Fitzpatrick Skin Pigment scale guide) clients are the most common clients seen in most USA based spray tan facilities.



This is the typical Medium skin toned client. They tend to do very well with spray tanning, producing a beautiful medium to medium dark tan, with generally even fading, and the least amount of issues.

Because they already have a natural visible pigment layer under the spray tan, this allows a pleasing melding of their natural pigmented color, with the self tanner coloration.

As long as they do not try to go to dark for their skin type (using to high a DHA level, or over applying) their tans often consistently product a nice brown even finish, with an even smooth fade off.

Their tans will often be a similar to that which the client achieves with UV tanning, though it may not get as dark.  The final skin finish color though, will not always be identical to their UV tan color. The spray tan result, is normally very realistic and can easily compare to a UV tan in overall appearance.

Skin Type 3 clients tend to be the easiest skin-type to achieve terrific results on, and often make up roughly 70%-80% of your Caucasian client base.


Characteristics of this Skin-type:

This is the most common skin-type in the USA. The client will normally use make-up foundation products in the “medium” depths. Skin would be described as light to medium, Peachy, Beige, Olive or Light brown.

They may have a few freckles or none at all. Their face is not extremely sun sensitive, compared to the rest of the body. However if they use anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, skin peeling acids, Retinoids or Retin A products ; this will make skin artificially more UV sensitive.

They can normally stay in the sun for 25-40 minutes without sunscreen, before burning occurs. Extended sun bathing will create sunburns with some redness, and some peeling. They will obtain a “good” medium to medium dark tan with repeated sunbathing/UV exposure. They tan often, but can burn.

Hair color is naturally dark blond to brunette ranges, normally eyes are grey, brown or hazel. Genetic heritage is usually central European to dark skinned European.

Celebrity examples of this client would be: Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Hugh Jackman

Best DHA Range:

Medium to dark range products will normally work very well on this client. 8%-10% will usually provide the best coloration and fading. But depending on skin pigment depth, skin condition, age, and skin health; this client may also be able to use 11%-12% range products for more depth.

This client rarely will turn orange, allowing the technician to use a wide range of solution levels to achieve the depth of coloration the client prefers, from light to dark


Normally the biggest issue this client will complain of, is the fact they cannot get as dark with spray tanning and self tanners as they do with repeated Tanning bed use/UV exposure.  Since self tanning products do not utilize the body’s pigmentation to achieve the “tan”, they cannot increase or darken ones natural skin pigment levels, as UV exposure does.

Thus the tan may not be as dark, or of the exact same tone as a UV based tan.

However,  if the client is willing to adjust their expectations a bit, they can still achieve a very attractive and realistic UV free tan, with spray tanning.

Skin will overall have a better glow, and tautness due to the elimination of constant UV exposure and damage, and clients time commitment will be less.