When using Maximist brand equipment, and Tampa Bay Tan Solution, the normal application ratio is 2 coats of one ounce each. Applied as 2 back to back coats, of one ounce per coat. (equaling 2 ounces of total product used per client)

Depending on the spray equipment you use however, not all brand cups have both oz and ml markings.  Some may have ml only.

This can create a bit of confusion.

One great tip is to mark the outside of your cups with an indelible Black marking pen, at 2 ounce increments. This is visually easier to see, when you glance at your cup while working with your clients.



Just use a glass measuring cup with 2 ounce markings. These are usually found in the Kitchen Area at stores like Target, Walmart, Kmart.

Fill your equipment solution cup with two ounces of water, and mark it, on the outside with your pen. Now leaving that water in the cup, fill with an additional 2 ounces, and mark again (that will be 4 oz). You may add a third marking if you choose.

This visually makes it very easy to see where you are on the solution amounts in your cup, and helps you better track the total solution amounts you are applying to your client.

If your cup has marking on it, you can also just reinforce those if needed with the black ink line.

If your spraytan solution cup oonly has ml markings, this chart will help you convert ml to oz. (opens to another site)

Click image chart above, or link HERE for larger size.

(from this site: http://www.lgbotanicals.com/mL-Equivalent-Chart_b_7.html  )




Have a great week all!