Rosacea is a form of adult acne. It is often accompanied by redness, facial flushing, inflammation, skin sensitivity, broken capillaries, eye watering and irritation as well as acne.

UV tanning can cause Rosacea to flare-up. Some Rosacea sufferers will then consider the use of a sunless tanners to give a nice glow, and help camouflage the associated redness.

However, DHA can be an irritant, especially for the Rosacea sufferer. Sunless tanners will often work well on the body, but facial use can cause irritation, and flare-ups.

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Rosacea patients should always consult their Dermatologist first, before being sprayed. And if they are given the Okay for facial spraying, use a clear, scent free product formulated for the sensitive skinned clients such as  Tampa Bay Tan Tan Extraordinaire in Clear Tint, which is also fragrance free. Be sure to test on a small area on the face first, to see if this causes a reaction.

Alternatively, they can also find a zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide sunscreen that they like for daily use on the face.

This can be purchased in tinted formulas to better match your natural or spraytanned flesh tone, or even have a “tanned” tint added in by a compounding pharmacy, to match the client sunless spraytan on their body.

These options can help eliminate the risk of irritation.