On this bright and sunny June day, I am including some great tips for picking the best solutions for Summer Time Spray Tanning.

Summer Humidity can help the tan develop and fade slower then in dryer months, but can also create additional challenges. Below are some tips to help you pick the best products for your needs. For more information on how Humidity will effect the skin (and tan) click HERE.

For Dry Locations:

For areas with low humidity, the skin can become over dry, and can fade unevenly or patchy. The tan may absorb unevenly due to skin changes and lessen humidity.  Using a moisturizing blend can help the tan develop smoother and more evenly.  For very dry skin (legs for example) consider prepping skin with a Pre Tan Moisturizing product such as Moistaire Hydration Spray.

For client care at home, clients should use a mild SLS Free moisturizing body wash to help maintain the skins neutral moisturizing ability, and lessen damage to the skins protective skin barrier. Many body washes can over dry the skin, causing the skins protective skin barrier to break down, preventing skin from holding onto the much needed water and moisture in its deeper layers. The results is dry and irritated skin, faster fading, and patchy tans.

Clients should also use a moisturizer daily if possible. We have a number of options, based on clients needs. A fast drying Dry oil spray for post Shower use, Lotion Based Moisturizers, and a DHA containing Tan Extender moisturizer Lotion can be found on our Product pages HERE.

Crackly Dry Skin, during the tan fading process is common in the summer, especially in dryer locations.  Clients may be swimming, shaving often, and exposing more skin to the environment.

See these tips HERE to help address this issue.

Best Solution Options: 

Look for moisturizing blends which can add extra moisture to dryer skin. Thicker blends often feel more comfortable, and soothing for the client, and self level over uneven dry skin areas, creating a smoother finish.  Aussie Bronze and Tan extraordinaire are both great options for dry skinned clients, or Dry locations.

Rapid Tan is an early wash off product, this is an excellent option for the client who would like to shower before going to outdoor summer events, Pool parties or other events where clients may have a chance increased sweating.  This product will continue to darken after the shower off, for 12-24 hours. See product label for recommended shower time for each skin type.  Product may be left on a bit longer for a darker deeper tan, if clients skin can handle this.

For Humid Locations:

As the humidity rises, the tan will often develop beautifully, and skin tends to look plump and lush from the increased moisture in the air. This will also effect how the tan wears and fades, and can create a sticky feeling tan upon application.

Switching to a Quick Dry Blend can be helpful in these locations.

Clients with very oily skin, who those who find they sweat heavily in the summer will also enjoy quick dry blends.

TanFastic, and Tan Envy are two of our most popular Quick Dry products.

Rapid Tan is also a good option, as the client can shower it off sooner, so can feel comfortable sooner as well.

For the least amount of stickiness, apply solution to the client in a well ventilated area. Adding a humidifier to the spray room as needed.

Apply solution products in two 1 ounce coats back to back. Rather then one thick two ounce coat. You may dry with your spraygun between coats if needed.

We recommend a floor fan to help client dry post tan. Or you may dry them with your spray equipment.

A final Powdering step is very helpful to off set any sticky feel. See this article on Post Tan Powdering, for tips on this wonderful tool.

More Tips for Summer Spray Tan Skin care below.

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Photo Above by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski on Unsplash