The newest blend in the Tampa Bay Line has been generating a lot of Buzz over on our Instagram feed

and Facebook pages.

But for those not following Social Media, I thought I would provide a bit more information about this distinctive product.


Tampa bay tan has 8 professional blends, all of which are Gluten free, not tested on animals, vegan, and paraben free. All blends use skin safe natural and organic ingredients, and special odor encapsulation and neutralization technology.

Most of the blends are well suited for beginners and experts alike, assuming client has some spray experience, and matches the DHA to the client needs.


What makes Veneto different?

The Veneto Mediterranean Blend, is a specialized blend that can be a bit intimidating for beginners, as the Bronzer is a very dark Violet brown tint. It can look startling on the skin when first applied, especially if your client is very fair.  The immediate tint can appear very dark and even bruise like in tone.  It reminds me a bit of Squid ink on the skin surface – LOL




But this is only the added water soluble tint, which will wash away upon showering leaving a beautiful cool toned brown rich sunless tan behind.

We have found this product works best if applied in TWO 1 ounce coats (for a total of 2 oz of product) rather then one thick 2 ounce coat. This allows the bronzer to meld more fully with the skin surface, producing a very pleasing rich looking tan.

The blend itself incorporates some nifty anti-oxidants extracted from Mediterranean based fruits and vegetables, along with some seas salts and minerals to help improve skin feel. It is both nut and oil free, for clients that would like to avoid these ingredients.

The blend is a Quick Dry blend, so will work well in most locations, especially those with high humidity in the Summer months.  For dryer client, do a quick shot with a pre or post tan moisturizer spray such as TBTs Moistaire Hydration if needed.  (I love this on dry legs)

The Sunless tan tint comes from both Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose. This provide complimentary colorants in the final tan, that for some clients can provide a richer tan, that lasts longer, and fades more evenly. Though occasionally you may come across a client that find E Blend products are hard to scrub off and fade blotchy, in which case use DHA only blends on them.

Who it works best on?

This is great product for those clients who find most sunless tanners tend to look a bit brassy or “too golden” or yellowish. It also works very well under bright florescent lighting which can wash out some of the color tones in the visible spectrum, making a tan look odd colored, flat or washed out to the human eye.

Many of our pros are using this blend on all of their clients, others may use this blend, along with one or two other favored blends, to better personalize the final color experience for each client’s skin needs.

This blend seems to wear well, and last especially long, based on the anecdotal feedback we have been receiving for the pros who are loving this blend.


Because this blend has a strong skin staining effect from the dark violet brown bronzer (which uses beet juice  and cranberry extract, among other ingredients for its unique tone), you may find that clients with, age spots, moles, or skin tags may notice these areas tend to grab more color than expected.

If they only have a few localized areas, you can cover them (tags or moles) with a dot of barrier cream or remove color from that spot post tan, using a Cotton swab dipped in facial toner or rubbing alcohol.

(Pro Tip: use a client card to mark these areas for future reference)

But if the client has a number of imperfect areas, this may not be the best product type for their needs. Using a blend with a lighter bronzer or even a clear blend may provide a more pleasing tan.

Try Tan Extraordinare or Revive on these clients. (clear or tinted) Tanfastic is also an option if you prefer a Quick Dry blend.

For myself, I am very fair, and don’t do as well with blends that have a very dark color guide tint. So this is not the best match for my skin needs.

If you would like to see some live untouched product shots of Veneto on real clients, check out our facebook page or Instagram feed.

Or view some of the photos listed on the Product information page here.


Have a great Sunless Day!