How soon after applying a Sunless Spray Tan, can a moisturizer or lotion product be used?


In general, you can apply a lotion moisturizer in 3-4 hours of tanning application. Though this can lighten final color a bit, depending on climate, humidity, lotion used, and clients skin permeability.  But it will also smooth and even out  and soften final color.  Which is often a positive advantage.

If lightnings a concern, wait at least 6-8 hours after solution application to apply a moisturizer. Please protect hands from solution transfer to palms, if you apply lotion before the post tan shower. (or scrub them with a soapy nail brush)

I like to apply a moisturizer lotion coat to my hands and feet within about 20 minutes of my spray tan application, cleaning palms and nails after. It really makes a nice smooth finish on these areas.

TBT sells a nice Dry Oil that can be applied pre or post tan, I like it when used pretan, before applying solution to help tan develop more smoothly and evenly. Its excellent for legs and face areas that can be very dry, and cause the tan to look scaly or patchy within the first 24 hours or so.

This also works great to buffer color on areas with fine lines (face, knees, elbows). Just apply this product, blot up any excess with a towel, and spray solution onto skin.  Can also be misted on lightly after spray tan solution application.

If you are interested in this type of product, its MoistAire Hydration Aerosol or Loose Liquid. (products in category link below)

See this link for great information on moisturizing ingredients, and best use tips:

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