will I be orangeA solution lab creates products to make people brown or “tan”. And generally speaking that’s exactly what they all do. Most do a pretty good job.

No one creates a blend specifically to create an orange tan. And if that product consistently does so, it will no longer sell after a short period of time. Solution companies need repeat buyers to stay in business.

So we can assume, the main goal is to produce a product that will keep selling, with many repeat buyers. Which is also a product that creates brown tans, assuming it is used correctly.

When the question above is asked, many are thinking about online horror stories, meme web images, and message board chatter, rumor, opinion, and often inaccurate information.

If you are consistently experiencing orange clients, you are dealing with improperly advised or trained technicians, or those who do not understand how self-tanners work. Addressing proper use and application techniques will rectify the majority if not all orange cases.


In a nutshell, a sunless tanner is simply a cosmetic product.  Like any beatification cosmetic on the market, you are applying a translucent product to living human skin.  As such, it should be understood, each person is unique, both in body chemistry and skin environment. Be willing to make adjustments as needed.

We are not all identical standardized machines.  In other words, you can’t always, 100% , replicate identical cookie cutter results on every individual just by grabbing a bottle and spraying away.

Pretty much we are indeed all unique snowflakes.



 First off – What Does NOT Cause orange:

There are a number of myths and misinformation on the market about what causes orange. I will try to address some of the most common here.  But this is not an exhaustive list, and will not cover every single situation. This will not be covered in one posting due to length, but will be covered in detail in a number of followup posts.

These are all rough generalities, so there will be variations at times, from person to person. This is normal.  Just make adjustments as needed for your client’s needs. As mentioned before, we are dealing with the human body, and all its beautiful individualized issues.

Which means some clients will not react exactly as you may think they should based on their skin type, coloration, history and so forth.

This is normal, should be expected, and something you need to roll with……

If I have not lost you yet, read on to the next posting addressing pH, pH adjusters, and how it all works with sunless tans in brown or orange.

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– Vicki