Will parabens in a product cause my spray tan to fade faster, or look orange?


Parabens have absolutely NOTHING to do with Tan Wear, fade color (orange or yellow) streaks etc.

It is simply a very common preservative ingredient, that some people are sensitive to, and/or want to avoid. The current Internet Paraben scare is blown out of proportion, and unfortunately people are misunderstanding what parabens are and their exact risks, and what they can and cannot due. (see links at article bottom for Paraben information on safety and use in cosmetics)

Parabens are a common, and safely used ingredient in foods, cosmetics, drugs, shampoos, soaps, toothpastes etc.  They are in skincare products in a very small percentage amount. Not at a high enough level to impact tanning result in any manner.

We (Tampa Bay Tan)  don’t use Parabens in any of our products, due to consumer expectations, and consumer preference to avoid. There are other preservatives available that produce a similar preservation activity in sunless solution. So we opt for them as an alternative.

But using parabens in any of your skin care products (soaps, lotions, cleansers) will not, in itself, cause your tan to fade faster or in an expedited manner, look orange, yellow, or function in any unusual or different manner.  More information on what does cause a faster fading tan can be found HERE and HERE

Information on Parabens and their use and safety in cosmetics

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