Sun Burned Skin Concerns:

If the UV tanned/burned skin is going to peel, it will peel whether you spray it or not.

The spraytan will not cause the peeling. Peeling is the normal reaction from the damage to the skin caused by the sunburn, as you body tries to heal and repair the damaged skin layer.

Peeling skin will look more noticeable with a Spraytan, because the contrast between dark and light skin will be higher as it peels. This can make it visually look very dramatic, and like the spray tan “caused” the peeling to speed up.

The tanning solution will settle more underneath some of the dead skin that is loose, and has not fully separated yet, and is peeled up in small bits. You may not see these areas with the naked eye, until you spray the skin. This can also accentuate the dry texture, wrinkles and overall dryness, which can make the final tan look worse.

Will spray tanning over-dry the skin?

If the DHA level is too high for the clients skin type, it can certainly dry out the dead surface skin more. Which can increase dead skin separation rate, so it happens faster, then it might without the sunless tan. But it would have happened also if the skin was not sprayed, just at a slower rate. Regular moisturizing, and gentle sulfate free skin cleansers can maintain skin health with less dryness concerns.

Regular moisturizing with After Sun healing lotions, Aloe Vera, Menthol etc can take much of the immediate heat out of the sunburn, and help the skin heal at a faster rate, as the moisturizer layer will better protect the skin, and Anti-Oxidants and ingredients common in many after burn products will reduce inflammation, and slow water loss. These are all beneficial to burned, dry and stressed skin.

The skin is already stressed from the burn and healing process. Adding a sunless tanner on the top of stressed or “damaged” skin is generally not recommended as the preferred option.

What if the skin is still red or hot or raw?

If the skin is still hot/warm, red and swollen from a sunburn, I would not spray, because the skin IS actively irritated, and you should never spray irritated skin, as it is more sensitive, and much more likely to create a rash or other sensitivity irritation. Sunburn healing will then be effected, and slowed. Skin will peel worse in this situation.

If the skin has started to peel, and has raw or red areas where it is peeling deeply, its should definitely NEVER be sprayed until fully healed, as this can cause increased irritation, and slow the healing process.

Spraying “damaged” or less perfect skin, will never produce the same result as spraying smooth, even clean healthy skin produces. Because the “skin” under the tan is not a perfect canvas.  This is true of rashes, irritation, sunburns (which are also inflamed and irritated skin), or post sunburn, but now peeling skin.  A Spraytan cannot “fix” or evenly smooth out peeled skin areas. They will still show up.

However there are circumstances where you may choose to spray tan a sunburn, to camouflage it.  The Bridesmaid attending a wedding tomorrow, for example.

Depending on how bad the burn is, how far it has progressed into the peeling process, and how long the tan needs to “look good” for. You can carefully spraytan these clients, with limitations, and care.

Skin with little to no active peeling, that is not swollen or hot will fair the best when being sprayed, post burn. Even if it is still red or pink, if no excess heat or tenderness is detected, and no open wounds, you can in many cases carefully spray this client.

Client should gently and carefully exfoliate any peeling, rough, dry, or damaged areas before they tan. (use non abrasive such as a rough washcloth, not a gritty scrub)

They should use gentle cleansers and  moisturize daily or more often, on peeling and dry areas. Skin WILL be dryer then normal due to the Sunburn, and will fade faster, because the skin is damaged and dryer.

Applying a pretan moisturizer made for Sunless Tan Use, such as our Moistiare Hydration Treatment will help smooth the skin, and allow the tanning solution to apply more evenly, help lessen inflammation, and speed healing of the burned areas.

Skin that is still tender to the touch, inflamed, oozing, weepy, or with angry red or raw areas should NOT be sprayed under any circumstances.

A  spray tan can make the overall skin and UV tan look worse as it peels, over the following days. The tan will not look “nice” for more then a short time, and each day can look progressively worse due to the burned skin peeling. It will fade faster then normal, so let you client know this so they can plan accordingly.

A light exfoliation daily, moisturizing daily, and touching up the sunless tan color on peeled areas with an at home product can all help. Much like one does with Vitiligo skin issues.  But it will never match spraying undamaged, well moisturized, well care for skin.

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If client is aware of the issues, and adjusts their expectations, they can be sprayed – assuming skin is not still red, swollen, or irritated from the sunburn.