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Cold weather may mean it’s time to change your tanning technique…..

Soon cold weather will be sweeping across much of the nation. Along with the cooler temperatures will come dryer skin.
This will directly influence how a sunless tan develops and fades. Indoor heating, lower humidity level, and harsh weather can all cause skin to become dehydrated and dry.

The skin can change in relation to the seasons,

and as such, the resulting tan will change

As the skin condition changes, past sunless products that produced a perfect glowing tan on your clients, may now appear off color, orangey, brassy, or crackled. The spray tan may fade unevenly, faster or patchier. For those who also receive some UV coloration in the summer, as a clients UV tan fades, sunless tanned skin may appear ashy or sallow.

This is not a result of a defective or damaged product, but rather a result of changes in the clients skin in relation to the time of year.

As the weather cools, begin switching the solutions used on your clients. Ether dropping down to a lower DHA level solution, or switching to a moisturizing blend, can dramatically change the tan outcome. The resulting tan will be more attractive, smoother, and often fade better.

Many clients also find a softer/lighter finish is more attractive in the fall and winter seasons. It is also easier to maintain.

Now also is a good time to consider adding in some moisturizing products for your clients.

The MoistAire Hydration spray liquid works well to pre-spray the skin before topping off with the tanning solution. This Dry Oil pretan moisturizer is formulated for pretan use, and can help the resulting sunless tan to develop with a smoother more even finish and less crackling. It can also help prevent over darkening of dry patches.

For client take home use, the Moistaire Hydration also comes in a portable aerosol can, (MoistAire Aerosol) which the client can apply right out of the shower. This spray dries quickly, for fast dressing. (do not over apply) This is very concentrated, only a small amount is needed for great results.

Also available are two lotion based moisturizer products, both with and without added DHA. The Yume’ Tan Therepe from Tampa Bay Tans retail product line, is a concentrated white lotion with a small level of added DHA for gently rebuilding the sunless tan color. This product off sets the normal daily tan fade off from tanned skin sloughing.

The Boddie Drench Lotion is the same rich base, but without the added DHA component. It is great for clients who need moisturizer only, with out the subtle skin tanning effect.

How to get the most Bang for the Buck from your Moisturizer:

When applying a daily moisturizer, apply to product shower damp skin for best results. A moisturizer works by helping to slow the depletion of the water already within the skin, as well as pulling some water from the surrounding environment.

In dry conditions (such as winter) less humidity is available to pull moisture into the skin, so helping to capture and hold the extra moisture from your daily bath or shower will help any moisturizer to work its best.

Make sure your product contains some great antioxidants, and skin nurturing ingredients to help sooth and heal winter stressed skin. These are all important elements skin needs to maintain proper moisturization and health.

Clients with continued dry skin issues may consider the additional following tips.

  • Add a humidifier to you home to replenish lost moisture in the air.
  • Make sure cleansers and body care products are gentle and non drying, especially cleaners and soaps. Avoid all bar cleaners, switch to mild gel based cleansers, which are gentler on the skin.
  • Limit long tub soaks which can severely deplete skin oils, and avoid prolonged hot showers

More tips here at Paula’s Choice:


– Sunless Specialist at Tampa Bay Tan, Vicki Mayhew