Hello my Name is Vicki. I am a Sunless Tanning Product Expert who works with the Tampa Bay Tan Team.

If you call or email the Tampa Bay Tan line for product questions, I am an expert you may speak with.

I have been in the Sunless and Skincare industry for 24 years. I have worked with many of the major players with in the Sunless Industry both in Product development, Research, Consultation and Customer Support. I was also a Sunless Expert and Moderator on the Message board Sunless.com for many years, until the board closed down.

I still continue my work in product research and development, as well as working as an Independent Industry Consultant for a number of company’s still within the Sunless Industry.

The number one question I receive as a Solution Product Specialist for Tampa Bay Tan is :

Whats the Best Selling Product you have, followed closely by “what’s the best product for me

My answer is always the same – All the TBT blends sell well, and are “Best Sellers” or we stop producing that blend.   But the best-selling overall, are the Medium blend ranges which work for about 80% of Caucasian skin types. This is why we have a discounted sample package available, so you can personally test each blend to see which suits you personally. Then you can purchase the depth level of your preferred product.

For question 2, the answer is far from simple.

Whats the Best product for Me? –Many things dictate this answer.

What is your untanned skintype?

1,2,3,4 ? This will give you a “rough” guide to the recommended DHA Range, that often works best for your skin range. See the link below for specifics on matching DHA type to skintype.

Start here for a rough range, but adjust as needed  . DHA and Skintype

 Under AIRBRUSH TANNING SOLUTION, than What DHA concentration should I purchase


What DHA Range seems to work best for you in your experience?

This is partially linked to your skin type above, but also your specific skin needs, that may suggest a different range. This is more related to past experience from a range of brands, as not all brands in a specific number range would be the same depth or coloration. Different formulation types, bronzer depths,  DHA types etc. can all alter the final “depth” or darkness of a product. Which can change fade and wear rate, tan coloration etc.

Do you like a thick or a thin blend best?

Personal preference, related to spray style, skin dryness/oiliness, but also effected by environment and product types you prefer.  Thin blends work well in humid locations.  Thicker blends tend to work well in dryer locations.

Your spray style will also dictate whether a thin vs a thick blend is easier for you to apply. Your spray equipment may work best with thicker or thinner blends. Though often equipment can be adjusted to work with any thickness. (see your equipment directions from the manufacturer)

A rough breakdown of viscosity/solution thickness is shown below on the TBT blends.

  • Aussie Bronze – Thick
  • Rapid Tan – Thick
  • Tan Extraordinaire – Thick/Medium
  • Revive – Medium
  • TanFastic – Thin
  • Tan Envy – Thin


What’s your environment like?

(Dry or humid?) Dry locals tend to prefer more moisturizing blends; humid locations tend to prefer Quick dry blends. But adjust per your personal preference.  If you are having issues with poor or fast fading, or very crackly fading, you may need a more moisturizing blend.

If you feel sticky or tacky after spraying, make sure you are not over applying product. Try dusting skin with body powder post spray. Or switching from a moisturizing blend to a quick dry one.


Whats you skin moisture levels ?

Dry, oily, combo? Dryer skin does better with added moisture, oily skin likes quick drys.

What issues do you have that you want to address?

Dry skin, poor or fast fading? Off color? Aging skin, or acne, or cellulite etc? Each issue has tips or products that can address this.

What are you looking for specifically in a blend (Everyone then says, I want a brown tan that lasts 2 weeks, and won’t turn me orange)

All Tampa Bay Tan blends are brown. If you are turning orange it is not because we sold you a blend that turns people orange.  Orange is caused by using too high a DHA level for your needs, leaving the product on too long, over applying, or using the wrong product type for your needs.

Tan fade is dictated by many things beyond the perfect blend. DHA Level, Prep of skin, post tan care, life style, habits, health of client – all will effect fade and wear.

Is there a special situation to consider?

An upcoming wedding, need for Stage wear under bright lights? Vacation coming up? Each would have a specific set of issues that might dictate one product is better than another based on all the factors above, plus even considerations.

I want a product that is Red, Green, Violet toned or “insert color of choice”.

Keep in mind every product is primarily influenced by the clients skin. Three different people, with the same skin tone of 3, can all be sprayed with the exact same blend and DHA level, and have completely different color results come through upon tan development.

Each client’s unique skin will react with the ingredients within that blend, and develop a tan based on their unique chemistry.  Within the TBT line, all blends are a neutral brown base. Meaning they are not strongly red, blue, yellow, green etc.

  • Aussie Bronze, and Rapid are slightly warmer or redder toned on some clients. But I would not call them a true Red blend as typically seen within the market place. Not every client using them with display a red or warm tan.
  • Tan Envy is a cool coffee toned brown, but this depends on clients skin porosity, and how long product is left on the skin. Clients own unique reaction will also alter color.
  • Tan Extraordinaire is a typical Bronze Brown, per each clients skin
  • Revive is slightly red or warm, though your results may differ.
  • Tanfastic is slightly cool brown, again per your individual skin.

Please see this post on Color Tones and Tanning for more details.


Here is a chart that list all blends on one sheet with their attributes. You can print this for reference. Some items on this sheet have been discontinued and are no longer available as of this writing (Natural, Veneto, Sho Glo)

lick HERE or image below to download.

These are just some of many factors that need to be kept in mind when exploring new product options.

If you have questions I will be glad to assist you, just drop me a line at help@tampabaytan.com – or message me here.

I do recommend picking up a sample pack as well, if you would like to compare the TBT Blends to your current favorite product line, and see if we may have something you like as well.  Special Discounts are available for Industry Pros and Facebook Friends for all orders over $75


Thanks and have a great Summer!