100% Animal Cruelty Free

nessa tested

Every Tampa Bay Tan product is meticulously human tested in detail, using our specially selected “real world” human based Test and Research team. Each item must then receive the final Nessa Tested seal before we add them for inclusion in our product line.

All of our products are 100% tested on Nessa, never on Animals

Products are trialed through a variety of human testers, who each bring their special perspective, industry experience, and skin “issues” into play as part of the product test protocol.

Nessa is the core of our user experience team. She is known for her brutal honesty, no nonscence approach and “very picky” product focus. Her 30 plus years in the Hair and Skincare field, experience as a licensed cosmetologist, and experienced permanent makeup artist with an amazing flair for beauty and detail, adds her unique touch into our entire product line.

Nessa is frugal and value conscience with a very good eye for quality skincare products. She expects a lot from a product, and it must live up to its claims, or it gets her thumbs down

All TBT products must receive the final Nessa Tested stamp of approval, before we are allowed to sell them. This includes every detail of the product experience, from the technical application down to the results the client will experience.

If Nessa hates it, we don’t sell it.

Friends and Family know Nessa as the wife of the owner of Tampa Bay Tan. Her vision is one of the driving forces that helped propel Chris, into starting TBT originally