Tampa Bay Tan Pro Rewards

What does being a TBT Pro mean?

This program will provide discounts, bonuses and free services to our professional clients. TBT Pro Rewards program is meant to help our loyal customers excel in the sunless industry. There is no start up fees to be a member and we track your rewards for you.

Once you have been approved for the TBT Pro Rewards program, the discounted pricing will automatically be attached to your account. When you are logged into your account your Pro discount will be applied as you put items in your cart.

What will I get by becoming a TBT Pro!

20% instant discount off published retail pricing for all purchases of $75.00 or more.

Additional cash back credit of 5% to be used on a future orders.

Free shipping on orders over $149.00 anywhere in the USA (Hawaii & Alaska Excluded).**

**Order total is based on items/products subtotal, after all coupons or discounts have applied. Taxes and Shipping cost does not count toward subtotal amount

5 page Web design* for your business available at a discounted rate. ($499.00, hosting $14.99 a month).
* Choice from one of 10 pre designed templates (coming soon).

Do I qualify?

You will qualify for our rewards program if you are a licensed professional. This includes any one of the below requirements:

  • Business owners with Federal Tax ID # in the Beauty Industry
  • Occupational or State Issued License in the Beauty Industry (Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians)
  • Spray Tanning Professionals with a Occupational License
  • Company Website offering Spray Tanning Services
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Proof that you provide spray tanning services as an income in some form

If you are just starting your business please go ahead and fill out the Pro Rewards Application. All applications are reviewed and replied to within 24hrs. If you are just starting your business, make sure you have a Business Website or Facebook page. We need some way to verify that you are a business owner.

What if I don’t qualify

As a courtesy to all of our loyal clients, you still earn rewards points just like the Pros and receive Free Shipping on orders over $149.00! (All other Pro benefits are only offered to approved Pro’s)

How does the TBT Rewards system work?

It’s quite simple, 1 point = $1.00!

If you place an order for $100.00, you will receive an additional 5% cash back credit in Pro Rewards points. A $100 order credits you with 5 Rewards Points available. Your 5 reward points will become available 24 hours after your original order has shipped.

Gallon of Solution $119.00 at full retail
Pro Cost $95.20
Pro Rewards Points Earned 5
You Pay $91.20

Each TBT Pro Rewards point represents $1 off a future order. If you have 10 points from a previous order, you will be able to take $10 off your next order.

How do I use my points

On the first step of the checkout process you will see ‘Points To Use’, followed by an empty box. Above this box, it will inform you of how many points you have available. Simply plug in the number of points you wish to use and hit apply. The points will automatically be deducted from the total. If you use points and it brings your total below $149, Free Shipping will no longer apply.

Cash Back Credit and How it works: 1 point = $1.00

When placing your order with TBT, you will earn cash back credit of 5% from the subtotal to be used on your next order. Points are earned with the purchase of all products or equipment purchased from TBT. 

Are there any exclusions on how I can use my points?

None, feel free to use them on anything you choose and use them when you choose, yours Rewards Points never expire.

Points must be applied to your order during the checkout process, before entering your payment method. Points can not be retroactively applied to an already completed order.

Apply to become Pro

Under REGISTER Section, Click REGISTER BUTTON ON THE NEXT SCREEN, to create an account with your email address
(this is not needed if you have already created an Account with Tampa Bay Tan on this website – Please proceed to Step 2)