Pre and Post Tan Care products

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The C.Y.A. Preparation spray should be applied immediately before airbrush tanning solution application, at 1 oz per application. Then buff off lightly with a soft cloth or towel, to remove cosmetic, sweat residue from the skin.

It can be sprayed on with your spray equipment, a pump spray bottle, or applied with a damp cloth.

This is a great option to better prepare your clients skin canvas to absorb their Airbrush Tanning Solution evenly, without issues related to lotion, exfoliate scrub product, soap, oil, sweat, deodorant or cosmetics residue left on the skin surface.

The Moist Aire can be used as a pre or post tan product. It should not be mixed directly into your solution.

No need to switch out or rinse gun, just pour excess product out of the cup, before adding in solution.

It may be applied lightly pre tan to dry skinned areas such as hands, feet, knees and legs, to provide a softer and smoother color finish.

Moist Aire may be applied lightly full body, for clients with very dry skin, or heavy UV damaged skin that tans unevenly. Apply 1/2 to 1 oz only for full body application. Do not over apply.

Allow to absorb for a few minutes before applying solution. Client can rub into skin if they choose, or buff off excess. If you have applied to much, buff off excess with a soft cloth.

Can be applied lightly after spray tanning, once airbrush tanning solution has dried on the skin, (usually within 5-10 minutes) for a final moisturizing layer to seal in skin moisture.

It can be applied daily after showering, or as a mid week tan hydration service.

Aerosol “Take Home” cans work great as a fast absorbing light weight daily after shower moisturizer, (apply to shower damp skin) or as a final step Posing oil coat – to top off the Sho Glow Solution before Competition events. (helps set the bronzer in place on the skin)

Concentrated product, a little goes a long way.

Available in Salon Treatment packaging (liquid), or client “take home” aerosol cans.

The Yum’e body care lotions will help maintain the vibrancy of your Airbrush Tan, by keeping the skin moisturized, which can increase the life of your tan.

Best results will be obtained when moisturizer is apply 0-30 minutes after bathing or showering, this will help seal the water into the skin layers, and lessen moisture evaporation.

You can moisturize daily, only a few days a week or “as needed” based on your skin needs. Dryer skin should moisturize more often. Humid climates will need less frequent moisturizing compared to drier locations.

The Yume’ Boddie Drench does not contain DHA. It is a moisturizer only, and can be applied daily, even twice a day. If skin is especially dry you can layer Boddie Drench or Tan Therepe with the Moist Aire spray.

The Yum’ Tan Therape contains a low level of DHA to help refresh your tan color. This product should not be used daily as over darkening, poor fading or rusty build up can occur. Palms and nails should be cleaned after use.

Tan Therape should be used every other day, or every third day as needed.

You can alternate Tan Therape with Boddie Drench or our Moist Aire spray.

If you live in a humid area, the Moist Aire is an excellent moisturizing alternative, as it is faster absorbing, non greasy and less “heavy” feeling on the skin.