Today’s Client Question, via Phone.

When our clients shower after using Tan Envy, should they use a cleanser and a sponge,  or just rinse with their hands and warm water?


This is largely a personal preference, and both options are fine. Depending on the clients choice.  But my personal recommendation is to use a mild gel-based body cleanser, with a cleansing tool of some type. A mesh net ball, a soft sponge, or soft wash cloth. Do not rinse with hands only. Do not use a rough or abrasive wash tool or toweling item when cleaning or drying the skin.

When a client is spray tanned, they are covered in the cosmetic sunless solution, but also a cosmetic bronzer colorant, which is a part of all tinted blends. In some cases, the colorant/bronzer layer may be very dark. It can stick to the skin very heavily if the client has porous or dry skin.

If the client only rinses the skin with warm water, they may not remove all of the bronzer layer, or all of the excess solution left on the skin surface. This is not harmful at all.

But after drying the skin, once the excess water evaporates from the skin surface, the tan can look streaky or uneven.

Though the developed sunless tan is even and smooth. The client is seeing the excess bronzer (or excess solution product if a clear product was used) on the skin surface, that was not evenly washed away.

The tan may have uneven patches or lines up and down, following the water run lines.

See image below for one example.


A second shower using a soapy Nylon Mesh Net Ball (Shower Pouf) will normally remove all excess color on the skin surface leaving a smooth even tan.


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Bath Ducks Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash