The Tampa Bay Tan Gallon bottles of solution now ship in 32 oz bottles. But sometimes you find you need smaller sized, or different containers, for assorted reasons.

For Example:

  • traveling with items for your Mobile Business, you may want a spill proof bottle. The current white bottles can leak if tipped.
  • Alternatively, you can unscrew the bottle lid,  place a bit of Cling Wrap (Seran Wrap product is one example),  over the opening (a larger piece) and screw the cap back into place. This will usually prevent additional leaks, if a bottle gets tipped.

(we recommend you always  place any bottle of liquid solution upright in a small plastic cooler when traveling, even those you decant into another container, to protect car interiors)  You can even add an ice pack to keep products cool while you travel.  The smaller 6 pack size work very well for small bottles of solutions, and are very easy to travel with.


  • Or maybe you prefer to keep some smaller sized products in your Spray area, then the 32 oz.
  • You do not want clients or competition to know the product brands you are using to lessen client theft.
  • You like to store solution product horizontally in a wine or drink cooler, for long term storage. But find leaking is a concern.


The fix to these, is to decant your products into a smaller spill proof/Leak Proof plastic Travel Juice Drink container, Travel Tumbler, or Sports Chug type bottle. You can even purchase bottles with wider easy pour lids.  Chug style bottle generally do not have a straw, but have a larger pour opening in the lid.  (make sure the opening can be sealed, without leaving an open air hole, to prevent spills, and air exposure)

Look for a wide mouth, for easy filling. If it contains a straw, you can often remove this, so solution can be easily poured out.

Nalgene® On The Fly Leak-Proof Water Bottle

We also recommend you purchase the type with a gasket, or one that is Leak Proof to minimize leaks. Dishwasher safe makes for easy clean-up.

Please avoid containers with a metal interiors, as some metals can damage solution that is stored inside . Plastic interior is preferred.

They are commonly available at many Mass Market stores, such as Walmart, Target, Dollar Store etc.  they are usually available in the Kitchen Aisle, where storage containers, Lidded Lunch Trays, and Juice and drink Boxes are available. Amazon and Ebay also carry’s an assortment. For online purchases.


You can mark them with a Sharpie marker using  a Letter or DHA Number written on the top. This quickly tells you what product is inside, without revealing your product brand to customers.

Or create some labels with your company name, and private product designation, on your computer printer.