There is no magic number of “turns” rotations, or descriptions like: “ ¾ turn, half way, 4 times” to adjust your spray gun for optimal use. Every gun differs, and solution thickness will always vary from day to day. Your goal is always a specific spray pattern width. This will only change slightly based on the viscosity (thickness) of your tanning solution, but you should never change the desired spray pattern width output from the spray gun.

The proper way to use a Maximist spray gun is 4 inches away from the skin surface, with a 4-inch-wide/long spray pattern (at its longest point). This will give you the optimum application, while using the least amount of product (2-2.5oz per application, in two separate, back to back, coats of 1 oz. ea.)  This will produce very little overspray, when the spray gun is used properly, with correct application technique.

The easiest way to achieve this is:

  • Hang an unneeded white cotton bath towel over a chair, cabinet or pin it to a wall. We suggest you use this, as it will give you the best visual you will be looking for. (solution may stain towel)
  • Place a few ounces of tanning solution into your cup. (3-4 oz.)
  • Adjust your spray gun by turning the flow control knob, (on gun back or trigger) so the trigger is pulled, no solution sprays out; we call this “at zero”. No matter which pattern selection you use (horizontal or vertical), you will always hold the spray gun 4 inches away from the towel. Slowly begin to adjust your gun (using the flow control knob to open or release the solution flow) so it begins to spray solution, as you point it at the towel, while pulling the trigger. Pull the trigger quickly and let go. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HAND, JUST POINT AND PULL THE TRIGGER IN A SHORT QUICK BURSTS, IN ONE AREA.
  • You will then see a tan line on the towel start to develop. The line direction will depend on the direction you have your air cap set (this is on the front of your spray gun)
  • It will either be a vertical or horizontal elliptical line. (see below image)

  • Your goal, is to achieve a 4-inch-wide “line” on its longest length, while holding the spray gun 4 inches away from the towel. Continue to open/adjust the spray gun via it’s flow adjustment knob, until you have a 4-inch-wide line.
  • Once you achieve a 4-inch-wide line make a long flowing pass on the towel, holding trigger back, moving the spray gun as you would normally do during your application process. You should see a nice, smooth, consistent 4-inch-wide spray pattern.

Holding the spray gun, the proper distance away from the skin surface, is crucial to correct performance. You can change distance from the surface by a few inches maximum, before you begin to see the spray application result from the gun suffer. Example: A Gun, correctly set at a 4-inch-wide spray pattern, would have a maximum distance from the skin surface of about 6 inches. Held back farther from the surface, will increase overspray, product in the air, and lessen solution coverage on the skin.

Trouble Shooting Issues:

  • Solution seems to spit, sputter, or will not spray out evenly from the gun. Fix: flow knob setting is too low for the solution thickness. It is “closed” to much. It is set to close to the zero setting, please turn the knob opposite from the zero point, to allow more solution flow to spray through the gun.
  • Too Much overspray and fogging. Fix: flow control setting is open to wide, or to open. Or the Gun tip is too far from the skin surface. It should be a 4 by 4 pattern per above directions.
  • Solution is running and dripping down the skin: Fix: Flow control knob may be open to wide, please set/test with a towel 4 by 4 per above. You also may be spraying to slowly in overall arm movement, and oversaturating the skin. Apply two thin coats of one oz. each. Do not spray back and forth over a wet area. Move quickly. It should take about 5-7 minutes to apply two full body coats back to back of 1 oz each.