By “times” here, we are referring to each finished single application session, of completed spray coats/layers. Not each specific layer in the same tanning session.

With Tampa Bay Tan products, one finished application (or tanning session) is 2 ounces total of sunless spray product, applied in two 1 ounce layers. So these two layers back to back ,(of 1 ounce  each, for 2 ounces total application amount) are actually one tanning session.  Each completed tanning session, is what were are referring to.

A spray applied sunless tan can take as long as 24-72 hours before it finishes developing and darkening to it final coloration depth. DHA only products usually reach their maximum darkness at about 24 hours after application. DHA and Erythrulose (D and E blends) reach their maximum darkness at 48-72 hours.

Tampa Bay Tan carries both types of products. To learn more about DHA/Erythrulose blends, click HERE.

If you have never used a current specific product blend on this client before, you should wait at least 24 or more hours to allow complete development, depending on blend type. Client should shower before final tan color is judged. This will allow you to accurately evaluate if more color will be to dark, or look orangey, brassy, off color.

You can often apply two or even three plus coats in one day, but it will depend on how well the clients skin absorbs DHA, (Dihydroxyacetone the active ingredient in all sunless tanners that produces the brown coloration) and how easily they can get off color. Always proceed with caution to prevent orangy or brassy tones, or poor fading.

Each coat should be fully absorbed, before additional sessions are applied. 30-60 minutes or longer between sessions is recommended to allow skin to fully absorb previous coats.

Skin preparation type, Environment (temperature and humidity), blend type used (thick or thin, or specific ingredient mix), porosity of the clients skin – these are all things that can alter how well the clients skin absorbs solution layers.

Many body builders will do four or more separate coats of 2-3 ounces each, in one day.  These can equal 10 ounces or more of sunless solution sprayed onto the skin, with no showering between coats.

Generally sessions are spaced out over a few hours if possible (an AM coat, afternoon coat, and an evening coat, with a final coat the next morning before the event when possible. And a final hand applied touch-up before stepping on stage)

Each person’s skin can only absorb so much product at a time, so depending on their skin, two coats on the same day, may not be any darker then one coat. However if they apply the second coat the next day, results may be better.

Results can vary from client to client.  But after understanding what works well for your client, you can easily apply 2 or more coats on the same day, and the client is not required to shower between each session.



Photo by Guido Fuà on Unsplash