Question of the week:

Chrystal Asks: How many applications of product will I get in each gallon of solution?


With Tampa Bay Tan product line, each application is roughly 2 oz per client.

This is assuming you have an average sized client, and are applying the recommended 2 coats of 1 ounce each. This would equal one full body application session.

Very large clients will use more product, very small will use less.

But if you use a rough average of 2 ounces per client for a single full body application spray session, then a gallon which is 128 ounces of product, will give you about 64 applications.

(divide 128 oz by 2 oz = 64  applications)

Example: (full body application, 2 oz per client)

  • 1 Gallon Bottle (128 oz) = 64 applications
  • 64 Ounce Bottle = 32 applications
  • 32 oz bottle = 16 applications
  • 8 oz bottle = 4 applications

**Assuming you have no spillage.**


Please see below for why this may seem inaccurate for your situation.



The use levels above, are based on using MaxiMist Spray Tanning equipment, with correct adjustments and correct spray technique to minimize Over-spray issues.  (see Equipment product booklet for help, or email us for tips on eliminating over spray). Normally you should have your Spray Tan gun adjusted, so if you adjust the front Pattern Selection to spray with a flat horizontal fan pattern, when held four inches from the client’s skin, the spray pattern is about four inches wide. (setting on Right is correct for a Flat Horizontal Fan Pattern)

This width of your flat palm, when measured from side to side, is 3-5 inches approximately. This is dependent on your size.  (I am a small stature female, 5’2”, and my palm is 3 inches across)



The flow control on your trigger, or gun back, will adjust the width of this pattern. (see your product manual if needed)

If the gun is held farther from the skin, the pattern will widen. This will create more over spray, and product will bounce off the skin into the surrounding air, creating less coverage. This will cause you to use more solution to correctly cover the client in sufficient product.

Please note, not all equipment lines are manufactured for Sunless Spray tanning. For example a spray gun that was originally made for Spray Paint and varnish use, that is then sold for Sunless Spray tan application, is not build with the correct needle, and fluid passage size for sunless solutions (which are thinner). As a result, the solution will not disperse correctly, and you will have more overspray and fogging. This will increase solution use, and normally you are not able to minimize this adequately, as the gun is built for a different material dispersion.

This is a frequent problem with low cost units, or those sold from China for example, which are re-purposed paint Spray Guns. It will spray solution, you will just have more issues with mess, overspray, and excess solution use. So account for this, as needed.

The entire Maximist Line uses spray units and guns that are designed and engineered for use with the thinner sunless tanning solutions in the professional market.  With correct adjustments and application techniques Overspray issues can be easily minimized.


As noted above, Tampa Bay Tan recommends about 2 ounces per client.  This is for the average user, for a Day-To-Day Tan.

If you are spraying clients for a Stage or Pageant event, or Professional Photo Shoot, you may use much more product.

Depending on the desired depth of color needed, it is not unusual to apply 6 to 8 ounces or more of product to a Competitive Body Builder, requesting the Darkest Depth of color possible. (multiple coats, applied over 1-3 days) See Tips HERE on Competition Spraying with Sho Glo.


If you spray yourself, expect to use about twice as much solution (3-4 ounces) to obtain the same coverage as someone else applying product to you at 2 ozs.  It is very difficult to self-spray your entire body, holding gun level, and at the correct spray distance from all body areas. As you move across the body, the gun will often become angled or tipped, and spray distance will change.  This can cause more solution to hit the body at an indirect angle, which will cause more solution to bounce off the skin surface, rather than adhering to the skin.