Today I would like to focus on Tampa Bay Tan’s Skin Perfecting Blend Revive.

This is a great product for all skin types, but it really shines when used on older clients, or those suffering from UV damage, cellulite, age spots, moles, and other skin “imperfections”.


This product comes in three DHA ranges to allow you to match the DHA level to your client’s skin.

Erythrulose, which is a skin colorant similar to DHA, but from a different plant source is also included. E and DHA blends can produce a slightly warmer tone than DHA only blends, and some clients find they fade slower.

You will on occasion run across a client who finds an Erythrulose blend does not work as well for them. They may find the product fades blotchier, and is harder to exfoliate off.

In general, though DHA and E blends tend to be very popular with clients.  They tend to darken from 24-72 hours after application.  DHA darkening normally peaks at about 24 hours.

Which Tint Option:

Revive comes with an option of a Clear or Bronze cosmetic tint.

The tint choice can be especially handy when you are spraying clients whose skin tends to “grab” bronzer colorants and darken unattractively in areas of sun damage, fine lines, enlarged pores, age spots, moles, skin tags etc.

Using a clear product on these areas can produce less discoloration. It may not prevent it 100%, but can help.  Keep in mind a clear product sprays onto the surface “clear” and looks like water. The tan will develop normally over 12-24 hours, and is usually of the same tone and depth as the product with added cosmetic bronzer.

You can use the clear on the face (as one example) and the tinted on the body, if preferred, and the tan should develop similar in both areas. However, the client should notice less excess staining from the bronzer colorant.

The tinted bronzer is a medium depth, which will stain the skin less than a dark bronzer. Some clients find a dark bronzer may cause more rub off, and may pool in enlarged facial pores, or open pores on legs (from recent shaving).

A dark bronzer may pool more in fine lines, or over darken sun damaged spots, ages spots or dry skin patches.

Medium bronzers, or clear products are less likely to do this.

Ingredients of note in this blend:

The blend is both oil and nut free, for those who need to avoid these ingredients.

Like all Tampa Bay Blends, it is vegan, gluten and paraben free, and uses natural and organic ingredients within the blends. As with other TBT blends, it utilizes their odor neutralizing and encapsulation technology to help lessen DHA development odor.


This blend contains special moisturizers targeted toward damaged skin, such as Hyaluronic Acid, which is beneficial for temporary skin plumping. This can smooth and blur the appearance of fine lines, and areas dimpled from cellulite. (you will find this ingredient in many anti-aging skincare lines)

A number of moisturizing and healing plant extracts are included, such as Aloe Vera and Banana Fruit. It is a medium level moisturizing product.

Super fruits and vitamins are added in for the Anti-oxidant boost and skin health benefits. (These include some berry extracts and vitamin add-ins)

Unique to this blend is Matrixyl 3000, which is an amino acid (similar to protein but a bit shorter in length – a mini protein) based penapeptide. It is the more potent version of the standard Mexoryl.

Matrixyl 3000 is only needed in small amounts in skincare perfecting/anti-aging products to help perform its magic. It is generally used in a daily use product, in refining/anti-aging skincare applications.

When using in a tanning solution, at once to twice a week, the benefits are more limited. But it is an excellent addition to a normal skin refining routine. It allows the client to skip their normally used skincare products on Tanning days, yet still maintain their skin treatment routine.

It is a skin safe synthetic ingredient which helps boost collagen and elastin production, which can firm skin, fill in dimpling and soften fine lines. It has some impressive research to back its claims for this use.

Though it includes antiaging/refining ingredients, it can be used on any age skin. As the ingredients can help any skin of all ages look softer, finer, tighter, and with a youthful glow and firmness.

The anti-oxidant boost, moisturizers, and lighter bronzer will work well on all skin types, producing a natural looking tan, with a pleasing coloration.