Over the last few weeks Tampa Bay Tan has been rolling out their new labels and bottle designs. The solution has not changed – only the package design.

Its the same great product inside.

Many of our long term customers who are familiar with our older style brown labels, (or the gold and black ones before that) will remember that every single label has always looked identical in design other then specific changes to the Product Title, ingredients and such.  This created confusion from time to time, as not all clients remember which products they regularly order and they all “Look the Same”.

It also created some confusion when  selecting products from your spray shelf, when you are busy, as you may unknowingly grab the wrong bottle.

The new label change makes each label very distinct, while maintaining the same overall feel and look. This allows the technician to easily select the product of choice, no matter how hectic your day is. This will increase ease when reordering, as each label is more distinctive. So if you forget the name, just look for the label.

But why the new bottles?

Along with this label change, we have made a major packaging change.

All solution bottles are a very dense and solid heavy weight opaque white bottle. This allows easier transportation as the bottle is less likely to become damaged while traveling to your location even when boxes are crushed or compressed from the outside, or if shipping carriers drop (or throw around) packages in transit.  Yes they DO do this, A quick Google search will link you to many videos showing packages being dropped, thrown and worse by shipping services from every line. Obviously this is not how they are trained to handle packages, but it does happen.

A glued-on seal inside each bottle, helps to better seal products to lessen leaking in transit, and provide a clean enviroment for solutions inside the bottle.

Freshness Date and storage:

Larger sized bottles are being stamped with their best used by “Freshness” Date to allow you to better rotate your products on your stock shelving, so you always have fresh products on hand. Some of the older “new” bottles were first stamped with a “Born By” date, rather then a use by date. But from now on, they will all be stamped with the “Best Use By” date.

We recommend for best freshness, purchase the amount of product you will completely consume in 90 days from the PURCHASE DATE. (not the date you open the bottle) Though you can refrigerate them for longer storage.

Personally I refrigerate ALL my solutions even when I will be using them up in 90 days or less. I would recommend refrigerated product be used fully in about 6 months, in the cool part of your refrigerate (Back wall for example, not the door). They may last up to a year, depending on your refrigerate temperature. But as they age, they will loose potency, may change consistency, and the botanical ingredients may loose some of their benefits.

Tampa Bay Tan solutions are packed with natural and organic ingredients such as plant extracts, infusions, and oils. As such they are perishable. Even if the solution still tans the skin well, the plant components can break down faster, and you will start to loose some of the specialized benefits from their use on the skin.

What the buyer will receive.

All solution products will be shipped out in 8 oz and 32 oz sized bottles only. This is done to allow easier handling for the technicians. rather then lugging around a single gallon jug, you receive 4 -32 oz bottles. These are easier to tote, and store.

We recommend you place three of your quarts in refrigeration, and one quart in your spray area.  This will allow you to keep one on hand for easy retrieval while spraying, without exposing your entire gallon to warm room temperatures, or excess air exposure inside the bottle, which can all speed product degradation.  So you will maintain fresher solution for longer.

When ordering bottles, you will receive the correct “fluid” amount, but the packages will differ in amount of bottles sent.

For example:

  • One Gallon is 128 ounces. You will receive this in four 32 oz quarts.
  • One Half Gallon is 64 ounces. You will receive this in two 32 oz quarts.
  • One Quart is 32 ounces. You will receive this in one 32 oz quart.
  • 16 ounces is 16 oz of liquid, you will receive this in two 8 oz bottles
  • 8 ounces is 8 oz of liquid, you will receive this in one 8 oz bottles

Lotions and other cosmetics product labels are changing, but only some bottle changes are being made, depending on the item, and sizes.


Hope this help lessen any confusion – Have a Great Day!