Some reasons why a product stops working the same for you:

• If you have been tanning regularly, without any pale tan lines, you may not truly “see” your tan, as you get used to your new glow. Start using a sticker or tan line as a gauge. It will take 4-6 weeks or more before all tan color has completely faded from previously tanned areas.

• If you are a women, confirm you are not going through any hormonal changes related to breast feeding, pregnancy, ovulation, menstruation or menopause. All of which can prevent the tan from developing properly. You may need to take a week or two off from tanning to allow body to adjust.

• If you have recently changed medications, especially birth control pills, fertility adjustment drugs or hormonal replacement products, this may also affect your sunless tanning use. Discuss this with your Dr, as their may be an alternative product option.

• Some medications used to treat acne and skin conditions, such as steroids, thyroid medications, and antibiotics may alter tan development. Discuss this with your Dr, as there may be an alternative.

• Life style changes such as stress increases can effect the body in many unexpected ways Dramatic dietary changes will effect the skin and body chemistry in a number of ways that can impact how a self tanner works on your skin.

• Climatic or seasonal changes, such as humidity changes, that make skin oilier, or increase sweating, can affect tan development. Use a tanning prep spray liberally, and try to tan in the morning or evening when it is less humid. If you are in a very dry area, you may not have enough moisture in the air. Consider adding a humidifier to your tanning room.

• Product buildup on skin, from soaps, lotions, etc. can prevent tanning solution penetration. Exfoliate well in the shower, using a clarifying shampoo and a pair of nylon mesh exfoliation bath gloves, available near bath products in most drug stores. Rinse thoroughly. Before tanning, use a pre-tanning prep spray liberally.

• Sometimes the skin may just need a break, for a week. If you have been tanning regularly for a few months, take a week or two off, and see if things change.

• Confirm you have been storing your solution properly, so it has stayed cool and undamaged. Solution exposed to heat and air, can degrade, and stop performing as well.  Best recommendation is to consume all solution fully within 90 days of purchase for best freshness. Refrigeration of solution will keep it at it optimal potency.