Today we are answering customer questions. Nicole contacted use to ask:

Hi! I love your products but I’m struggling with a client and getting her tan as dark as she wants…We’ve used Tan Envy medium mixed with the Aussie Bronze and it wasn’t dark enough.

We have used the highest DH level of Tan Envy but she says she’s like it to be even darker! What are my options? She’s naturally “tan” but always wants darker especially for summer. Any ideas how to accomplish this?


Sometimes you can’t get the tan dark enough for some clients.  It can be frustrating, being unable to give them what they are requesting.

Sunless tanning products do not use one’s skin pigmentation to color/tan a client.  The color is a surface colorant, applied to the upper skin surface. And as such, you can only get “so dark” based on each client’s unique skin profile.

Depending on client’s pigmentation levels, you may not always get the same tan depth,  as this client might create when using UV tanning. UV tanning involves an increase/darkening of the skins protective pigmentation system.

Utilizing Sunless options only,  will have limits outside your control, which you must advise the client of.   It may help to remind them that the Celebrities they see with amazing dark tans at Events, also use full body makeup, temporary brown bronzers over all exposed skin. In the case of photos, special lighting, and photo editing are utilizing.

A Red Carpet or Photo Shoot Hair and Makeup Session takes anywhere from 2-5 plus hours of prep time, which is face and body makeup, using professional technicians. (more than one working all at the same time)

And what you think is a sunless tan, may not be.  Some tans are UV mixed with sunless, or makeup only.

For example, I recently spoke to a Technician who spray tanned Lady Gaga for an awards event. And in the case of the “Lady” – her makeup artist requests only her Face, Body, arms be spray tanned. Ms. Gaga was wearing a High slit skirt style long Gown, for this event, and her legs were very visible, and spotlit throughout a stage performance.

Rather then being spray tanned, her leg tan was completely Body makeup and setting products, which were custom blended to match her Spray Tan on her upper Body.

Shows like Dancing With The Stars, use spray tans all over – but then the tan is enhanced/darkened with body makeup and bronzers to deepen and enrich color, and cover imperfections. Setting products are used to keep color budge proof on stage.

Pretty much every “event” tan worn by Models, Pop Stars, Celebrities etc. involves make-up and bronzers painted on to the skin.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is one drugstore example of a Body Makeup that can be used in this manner. This comes in sprays or lotions, though many other similar products are also available, with different opacity levels, color ranges, and applications forms.


How to get the Sunless Tan Darker?

To help produce a darker sunless tan, you may try any of the following.

Many Coats:

Apply multiple coats of the tanning solution during the spray session. (more than the recommended 2 ounces total).  Apply the first application session or 2 ounces. Wait a few minutes until tan has absorbed, and its dried on the skin surface, and do a repeat spray session or an additional 2 ounces.  (or more)

DHA Level Used:

Use a higher DHA level products,  All blends come in a range of DHA levels. The higher number (11%, 12% ranges) are the darker products.

For a darker skinned client I would recommend Rapid Tan left on overnight, if you have this available.

The Rapid Tan Product is darkest solution from Tampa Bay Tan,  if it is left on overnight, due to formulation enhancements, penetration enhancers etc. in this product.


Adding booster drops to raise the DHA level higher in your solutions, are options to use. Normally this works best if you are only raising DHA level about 2-3 steps darker.

See this Article for tips on using Booster drops.

The TBT AMP Booster Drops are available at link below:


Keep in mind, when the DHA Level is too high for the client’s skin type, they may notice dryness, poor uneven or fast or spotty fading, or orange or brassy color.


Do you have any questions? Just email us at we will be glad to assist. Have a great day!