MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun and Equipment Cleaner

MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun and Equipment Cleaner

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100% Organic


What it is:
A gentle organic non toxic equipment cleaner for spray guns and parts. Easy rinse formula, will not void warranty

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
NO harsh cleaners
NO harsh acids

What else you need to know:
This 100% organic, PETA approved cruelty free, vegan, product is safe for your home, environment  and spray facility. Will not harm or damage delicate parts

See product photos for Label Image with full ingredient information. Scroll down to page below for full description.

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Warranty: 30 Days

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MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun Cleaner

100% organic, Sea Kelp based Spray Tanning Gun Cleaner

State of Florida Labeling Requirement: All items are shipped with Branded Product label only. Sorry, no exceptions.


· Gentle skin safe, equipment cleaner, will not damage equipment
· Works on all brands Airbrush and HVLP Spray Guns
· Premixed, no mixing or refrigeration required

Properly cleaning, and maintaining your Professional Spray Tanning Gun is key to a consistent smooth spray application.

Poorly cleaned guns cause blotching, spitting, and uneven spray flow. Spray equipment and parts can be damaged from improper cleaning, or harsh cleaners – damage which is not covered under equipment warranties. (vinegar, bleach, harsh household cleaners)


Our all natural 100% organic Sea Kelp based MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun Cleaner can be used after every gun use, or in an “as needed basis”.

It can be used as a “spray through” cleaner with an assembled gun, or a “wipe down” product for thoroughly cleaning, needles, caps, tips and all other gun parts. Rinse cleanser from all parts, and dry, before assembly.


Directions: (from product label)

  1. Remove all excess solution from spray cup
  2. Fill cup with approximately 1-2 oz of MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun Cleaner
  3. Spray cleaner out of gun, into towel, sink or wash station , until empty (spray should be clear not brown)
  4. Fill solution cup with 2 ounces of water, spray rinse water from gun for 30 seconds

After every 10-20 spray sessions, or as needed based on gun performance, guns should be completely disassembled and deeply cleaned.

These steps include disassemble or all removable spray gun parts,  including gun tip and needle removal. (see below video)

All parts should be thoroughly cleaned , rinsed, and wiped dry. Reassemble, and readjust gun based on manual specifications.


For Video links here on gun dis-assembly and cleaning. Click HERE

(scroll through videos and Select your gun type video)

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