MoistAire Hydration Treatment Loose Liquid

MoistAire Hydration Treatment Loose Liquid

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What it is:
A fast drying dry oil moisturizing spray for pre or post tan use. Works as a posing oil for competition spray tans. Bulk liquid for salon use, can be sprayed from equipment. No cup rinse needed, when changing to solution.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
NO Parabens
NO Sulfates
NO Gluten
NO Added Fragrance

What else you need to know:
This product is paraben, sulfate, and gluten free, vegan friendly, PETA approved cruelty free, and dermatologist tested. Organic and natural skin safe ingredients blended into every bottle.

This product does contain Soy and Almond Tree Nut ingredients

All product is freshly blended, and shipped fresh to you. See product photos for Label Image with full ingredient information. Scroll down to page below for full description.

State of Florida Labeling Requirement: All items are shipped with Branded Product label only. Sorry, no exceptions.

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MoistAire Hydration Treatment , All Natural Hydration Treatment Non-Aerosol Pre or post Tan Treatment (bulk liquid)

Unscented- no added fragrance

State of Florida Labeling Requirement: All items are shipped with Branded Product label only. Sorry, no exceptions.

Tampa Bay Tans MoistAire Hydration Treatment overcomes the drawbacks of traditional moisturizers. This innovative product truly is unique.

Its combination of skin friendly natural “dry”  fast absorbing moisturizing oils work great as an add-on pre tan treatment to help provide a more even, better developing and fading tan.

Can also be used post tan, in the same spray session, to help prevent the tight feeling some client experience from tanning solution application.

Unlike traditional moisturizers which can negatively impact the skins natural acid balance; MoistAire is formulated to preserve, and even improve the skins health and function.

Recommended pre tan treatment option for clients with dry skin concerns, which can cause uneven tan development, a crackly appearing tan, or faster fading tan.

Apply lightly to lower legs or any dry skinned area to provide a softer smoother developed tan finish.

Offer your clients a mid-week Hydration Treatment using this outstanding product with any spray system.
1 oz full body application does the job!!


Sunless Tanning: It works well as both a “pre” and “post” tan moisturizer, that will not alter sunless activity development. A great treatment product for callused or dry skin areas before spray tan applications, to allow better tan coloration and smoothness. Can be used after spraying, when misted on to dried solution surface, to lessen the tight “just sprayed” feeling.

Can “buffer” color in areas that absorb solution unevenly. Such as areas with fine lines or very thin skin (face, hands, feet)

Dry Skin help: All over full body moisturizer for all skin types, no greasy film. Will not matt into heavy body hair (1 oz or less for full body)

Manicure treatment applications: A light weight non greasy hand moisturizer and cuticle oil that will not cause lifting of artificial nail products.

Hair care: A lightweight moisturizing hair dressing, for parched or chemically damaged tresses. Spray lightly on to your brush or comb and work through damp or dry hair ends. This leaves a soft lightly moisturized sheen. Replenishing missing hair oils.

Will not cause or exacerbate acne. The oils in this blend help to heal damaged and stressed skin, and are very beneficial in skin oil regulation, without causing pore clogging. These same oils are often used as part of an acne treatment skincare plan.


The MoistAire can be used as a pre or post tan product. It should not be mixed directly into your solution. No need to switch out or rinse gun, just pour excess product out of the cup, before adding in solution.

It may be applied lightly pre tan to dry skinned areas such as hands, feet, knees and legs, to provide a softer and smoother color finish.

MoistAire may be applied lightly full body, for clients with very dry skin, or heavy UV damaged skin that tans unevenly. Apply 1/2 to 1 oz only for full body application. Do not over apply. Concentrated product, a little goes a long way.

Allow to absorb for a few minutes before applying solution. Client can rub into skin if they choose, or buff off excess. If you have applied to much, buff off excess with a soft cloth

Can be applied lightly after spray tanning, once airbrush tanning solution has dried on the skin, (usually within 5-10 minutes) for a final moisturizing layer to seal in skin moisture.

***Solutions, cosmetics and lotion are not eligible for return or refund, Shipping damaged item replacement only***

Key ingredients in this blend:

  • Avocado Oil (protein and fatty acid rich, soothes and heals, emollient, excellent for very dry skin)
  • Sesame Seed Oil ( fast penetrating dry oil, antioxidant, heals, soothes, tightens skin)
  • Macadamia Seed Oil (moisturizers with skin similar essential fatty acids, excellent for very dry parched skin, reduces inflammation and itching) – Tree Nut Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil (regulates skin oil balance, helps treat acne and inflammation, can tighten skin, anti-aging)
  • Soy Bean Oil (high in Vit E and fatty acids, helps maintain and build skin collagen and elastin, anti-aging, will not alter hormonal balances) – Soy Ingredient
  • Coconut Oil (softens and heals skin, anti-aging, protective)
  • see product label for full ingredients and directions
  • Non-comedogenic, will not cause or increase acne
  • does not hamper tan solution penetration when used at correct amounts (1 oz or less for full body)

All Tampa Bay Tan products use carefully selected, naturally sourced ingredients in our products, which may have undergone limited processing. Variations in product color, clarity, etc. can be expected from lot to lot due to our use of naturally occurring ingredients.

Please note that ingredient decks may change from time to time. Ingredients listed here may differ from what is listed on your product package or label. Please refer to product package or label for the most up-to-date ingredients for the product you receive.

Info on this site is intended for general recommendations and educational and informational purposes only. Since each individuals skin, body, and chemistry is unique, website information is not intended to make claims or guarantees to any individual experience or result.

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