Does Tampa Bay Tan have a Nut Free Spraytan solution?

Does Tampa Bay Tan have a Nut Free Spraytan solution?


Looking for the best NUT-FREE Sunless Spray tan Solution?  Tampa Bay Tan has you covered with four Nut Free sunless spraytan options.

When looking at the product details on the Tampa bay Tan website,  if you click on the Solution Information for each Spraytan solution, you will see a quick highlight list at the top of the page to the Right. (see example below)


In this location you will see the information listed below, as it applies to the specific product. (red arrow pinpoints location)

What it is:
A medium to thick formula, light-medium bronzer style, moisturizing self-tanning solution for a very natural looking brown tan. Very well suited for clients who do not want a “just sprayed” look. 5% is an excellent option for the the super fair client. Well suited for dry to very dry locations.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Added Fragrance
– Nuts

What else you need to know:
This product is soy and gluten free, vegan friendly and dermatologist tested. Organic and natural ingredients in every bottle. (see below for full description)


Scrolling down farther on the page, provides more detail about this specific product, and the images displayed will show client images wearing this blend.

You may also printout this solution product chart which you may file in your product information files. This will note when products are NUT FREE. Click HERE for this information sheet download.

When noting a product as NUT-FREE, we are referring to a product that contains neither Tree Nor Ground Nuts.

Tampa Bay Tan has some blends with Walnut extract, and some blends with Macadamia Nut oils. And some blends that are 100% nut free.

In general,  people are most commonly only sensitive to ether Ground OR Tree Nuts. Not usually both. (though there are exceptions) But this assures you the solutions listed as NUT FREE would not include ingredients from ether Nut form. It is completely Nut Free.

We also recommend you keep Client forms on file for all clients, which allows a client to make note of any ingredient they may react to, before you spray them.

You may download the free forms HERE.

 Which Tampa Bay Tan Blends are Nut Free?

The Four Nut-Free Spraytan solutions from Tampa Bay Tan are:

  • Tan Extraoridaire  (99.9% natural blend, moisturizing) – Come in Clear or Tinted
  • Revive  (Skin Perfecting, anti-aging blend) – Comes in Clear or Tinted
  • Tanfastic (Quick Dry, Long Wear Blend) – Comes in Clear or Tinted
  • Veneto (Quick Dry, Violet Based Blend) – Tinted only

All four are very popular, and all are repeat sellers. Much depends on your personal product preference type.

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