If you spray tan feels sticky for more then 10-15 minutes after a spray tan application, review the following

Application Amounts: How much solution did you apply? Only apply 2 ounces or less total. We recommend two back to back applications of one ounce each (applied one right after the other, no wait time). Over-application will contribute to slower product absorption, and a sticky feel.

Proper Prep? Confirm skin is clean, dry, and product residue free. Check how client exfoliates, to confirm no residue from lotions, oils, soaps, body scrubs are on skin. These products may slow or prevent tan absorption.

Use CYA Prep spray as needed, to remove residual product or sweat.

See some great exfoliation tips HERE

Correct Blend Type: Do you live in a humid location? Humidity WILL affect product feel and absorption into the skin. Change solution to a faster drying formula if needed during humid months. Consider Rapid Tan, TanFastic, Tan Envy – all are Quick Dry Blends.  A moisturizing or thicker blend, can make skin feel stickier in humid locations.

Installing a room sized dehumidifier unit in the spray room (near the client spray area) can help cut room humidity. Spray clients in the less humid time of day if possible

Powdering: After the solution is dry to touch, on skin surface, (air dry with a fan or blow dryer for 5-15 minutes as needed) Dust skin lightly with a Finishing Powder made for Spray Tanning, a Body or Baby powder, especially body fold areas. Use a large cosmetic powder brush. (keep a few on hand that you can clean and sterilize, so each client receives a fresh, dry, clean, brush) or a Powder Blower Bottle.

You can also use a Large Cosmetic Body Brush similar to this type, or this type, and blow powder off of the brush onto the skin (see video in section below on customization). I am unable to find body brushes as large as the source video shows, at that brush no longer appears to be available.  But if you can find one of that type, it would be optimal, as the brushes I linked to are only about 2 inches across.

For using the Powder Bottle, Hold your equipment air hose with out going air blowing, right next to the powder bottle, dispensing the powder with the push button, and blowing it directly onto the clients skin with your air hose. Adjust distance from the skin to get desired coverage. (you need to be a bit close). This is the option I personally use an prefer.

Client can apply more powder at home, especially before bed, if needed. Many people find they feel especially “sticky” while sleeping, this powder step before bed, can make them feel much more comfortable.

Shower  Early: Client can shower at 6-8 hours post tan, if they feel sticky. (rather than leaving product on overnight)

Client may like a faster developing product such as Rapid Tan, which allows them to shower earlier, at 2-4 or 6 hours and maintain good tan color

Powdering Tips:


Powdering the skin after the spray tan application is a wonderful option to help clients feel much more comfortable. As long as the skin is not “wet to the touch” when you dust on the powder, the tan will not suffer any negative effects. I would normally Blow dry the client for a few minutes, then proceed with the powder step, after visually inspecting the tan to confirm no areas have missed or uneven coverage.

For powdering you may use any After Shower type body powder from your local drugstore, (near bath care products) or you may purchase special scented blends from Bath and Body works or other Premier lines. (Christmas is a good time to find them in stock).

You will find a larger variety of scent options in Body Powder items.  Baby Powder works equally as well, is often a bit cheaper, and easier to find, and no specific brand is required. (Most Baby powders are corn starch based)

In practical use, both Body or Baby powder will work  much the same. Purchase the item that is easiest to find in your location, for the best value.

Plant Based Arrow Root Powder (easily available online at Amazon) can also be used if you prefer.

Many Techs like to create a special “tinted” custom “after tan” dusting powder for their clients. (also known as Desert Dust). I tint my powder, with a bronze mica shimmer powder.


You may also purchase a premade body finish powder of your choice. I have not used this brand, but it does come highly recommended.  Glow by Erin Finish Powder.


See below for steps on option creating a custom product for your facility.


How to create a customized tinted Desert Dust/dusting power:

Purchase a commercial After Shower Body Powder, or Baby powder product like Johnsons Baby powder (look for the Magnolia or lavender scent to help cut any DHA development odor if you prefer), or an unscented Baby powder product, of your choice.

You may also use Arrow Root Powder ,  or plain Corn Starch, which can be found in Organic varieties, and the lower cost non-organic options.

This is 100% personal preference.  This will be your “base” powder, that you will customize. Generic or any other brand, are okay also, no need to spend a lot on this, as quality will not differ greatly from one line to another. Its more your personal preference on ingredients, scent, container size, particle size, organic (or not) and cost.

Application Techniques:

  • pour the white powder into a large zip sealed food storage bag (ZipLoc type),  or a large deep bowl,  this makes for easier mixing and storage.
  • To tint your powder, purchase some dark color “loose” facial powder, at any drug store. Purchase the lowest cost facial cosmetic loose (not pressed) powder, (or a loose bronzer powder) in the darkest depth of brown. Brand does not matter. Or (my personal preference) some Bronze Mica Powder with Shimmer. I like this one by Slice of the Moon Brands, in BRONZE color. A little goes a long way. (CLICK HERE)
  • Mix it with your white bagged powder, to help tone down the whiteness a bit, allowing product to blend better on the tanned skin. This also helps clients look less like a “Floured Chicken Part ” when they leave.
  • Apply with a large fluffy powder brush or Barber brush, a powder blower bottle, or small Lambs Wool Style Dusting wand ,  you may also pour powder into a small bowl, and allow client to self dust.  Focus on areas where skin touches skin, and where clothing will drag when dressing. Knee and elbow bends, arm pits, under, between and around breasts. neck and stomach folds.
  • When using the Powder Blower Bottle for application, blow the powder onto the clients skin using the air hose from your spray gun as shown in the video link on the Core Beauty Website. Coconut Drying Powder with application at Core Beauty   I have not personally used their powder or the powder bottle they sell, as I use a larger sized bottle. I have used this method with very good results, and its a great option for states that do not allow you to touch the clients skin with a brush. I also like that the powder is self contained in the bottle, which allows easier travel, with less mess.
  • This video, at the end of this sentence,  also shows an alternate application method, blowing powder onto the skin from the surface of a Large Body Brush. Powder Application using a Large Body Makeup Brush   I personally have not been able to find this exact Body Brush style, to try this method
  • The technique used is shown at the 7 minute mark in the video, if you want to scroll past the discussion.
  • The large body brush shown in the video does not appear to be available, so you will need to try and find an alternate.  I personally do not like the large tray of loose powder, which would be very messy. And to me, looks unprofessional, but that’s just my personal opinion. And it works well for the Video Tech.  If you are in a studio, with limited travel, this may work for your needs. I think it is a very creative technique, and may work well for many.

Creating your Own Powder, 1 Recipe:

If you prefer a Talc and Corn Free powder, and want to better customize your base powder, try this mix below.  (found online at Amazon in a product review for the Arrow Root). I personally have not used this powder myself, but I see no reason why it would not work well.

1 cup rice flour
1 cup arrowroot powder
½ cup calcium bentonite clay
½ cup kaolin clay

Look online, for cosmetic pigments and glitters (Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay for example)  or in the “Teen” makeup area of most drugstores for cosmetic glitter powders. (Wet N Wild and Rimmel makeup lines)

After Tan powdering will also make it easier for client dressing, as clothing will slide over skin much easier.  If applied to body fold areas, the client will find they feel more comfortable, and the tan rubs less in those areas during development.

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