This is a very common question we receive often, so I am posting Steve’s question here, to help other readers as well.  Thanks Steve for the great question, and images!

Question from Steve:

We used the Tanfastic and the Revive solution in 8%/9%.  I generally apply two coats of about an once each (2oz total).   We do a tan about once a week.

They look great at first but as we get closer to the one week mark (probably around day 4) we start to see the tan look kind of weird like in the attached pictures. These pictures are from day 7.

One picture is of the side torso and the other is a leg.

What are we doing wrong?  The legs and side torsos are really the only areas to look like this.  The rest of the body doesn’t seem to be affected.  Are we applying to heavy?



My Answer:

What you are seeing is not anything you are “doing wrong” per say.  This is her Spraytan (tanned dead skin) fading, and exfoliating off.

This is related to her skins exfoliation rate, every persons skin exfoliates at its own rate. Not all body areas will exfoliate at exactly the same rate. Dryer areas such as legs often exfoliate very fast.

The fix is to exfoliate the skin “Before” it gets to this point and respray, or use a light touch-up coat of solution (this can be applied by hand) or a lotion or mousse or aerosol containing  DHA to add some touch – up color between full the body spray sessions.  In the winter, (like now) when skin is dryer, and air is less humid, you will often find the tan fades faster.

This will rebuild the color, and will extend your tan a few more days until you can do a complete through exfoliation and respray session.

There are a number of things you can do to slow this process, so her tan wears longer before it reaches this point, but they are also limited by her skin as well.

  • Pretan Prep (good exfoliation steps),
  • regular moisturizer use daily or as needed, and sometimes useing a pretan Moisturizer like the Hydration Spray can help.
  • Light exfoliation durning the tan fade process, with touch-up DHA product use
  • Adjusting other skin care steps that may be increasing he fade rate  (hair removal from legs for example)
  • Switching to a higher moisture product during dry times of year, or for those with very dry skin.

Please see these links below, as this is much more information then I can cover in this email

I have added MANY links, as all have additional tips that she may find helpful, I suggest you review each

Thanks Leah


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