Goji Berry ExtractGoji Berrys (Lycium barbarum) also known as wolf berries, Chinese wolfberries, or Tibetan goji have a long traditional use in Chinese medicine. This rare fruit, which grows on woody shrubs, ripen quickly, and spoil very easily, making harvesting and storage difficult.

They are common in Northern China where they are eaten daily in regions that are known for the long life spans of the local inhabitants. Many living into the 100’s, while maintaining high quality or life and vitality and positive health even in their twilight years.

Goji fruit have many beneficial applications in traditional medicine, and are another powerful anti-oxidant packed “Super Fruit”. Antioxidants help protect cellular tissues, including cell DNA (the internal makeup of all living cells) from damage caused by our environment and stresses, that can cause premature cell death, cell mutations, and degenerative diseases associated with aging.

Their high level of beta-carotene (a pigment found in many fruits and vegetables) helps promote healthy skin. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, which is necessarily for skin health and collagen and elastin regeneration (skins supportive structures)

The fatty acids contained in these tender berries can stimulate new collagen production and help skin retain moisture, all keys to young skin appearance.

Goji berries contain many beneficial minerals, such as zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese, all of which are beneficial to over all skin health and help promote glowing younger looking skin.